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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    For light duty an oil less pancake would probably do just fine. I’ve got a little PorterCabel 2 gal pancake that works just fine. Got it and two Brad nailers for less than 150 a couple of years ago.

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    @pricejh61 When you getting to Cruces? Maybe I can ride up there to meet you and smack @Tripod around a bit :thumbup:

    We’re flying in on the 19th. Larry is going to pick us up at about 1:30/2:00 and take us up. I want to take Nancy to La Posta for dinner. It’s a family tradition...

    Would love to meet you while we’re there.

    We start traveling home on the 20th.

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    It never caused any fault lights to flash and speedo error is within range. You can't get too focused on that. If interested, read what I have to say about that below

    Ok, what size tire can you run and keep the speedometer accurate? Who's saying it's accurate now? When is it accurate? Basic math leads to the following explanation.

    Let's say you have the factory rear tire on your slingshot and it comes from the factory with 9/32" of tread. Ok so far? So you wear it down to the tread bars which show up at 2/32" remaining tread. So how much tread have you worn off the tire? If you said 7/32" you're only partially correct. Your speedometer is calibrated by the effective gear ratio as well as the overall tire height. So when your tire is worn out and at the 2/32" remaining tread, and you put it side by side by the identical new tire, the difference in height is 14/32" (or almost 1/2" difference). So your speedometer on your slingshot is accurate sometime during the life of your tire. Replacing it with something close, makes it also accurate, but at a different point in time. A taller tire will be accurate when it wears down some, a shorter tire is more accurate when it's new. Just food for thought. I always run with my GPS on and it displays current speeds and the difference from that and the speedometer varies from identical to a mile or two off depending on speed. It's one of those factors to consider when buying the tire, but as long as you're close, don't worry too much about it. Two miles per hour off isn;t going to save you from that speeding ticket. Ask Kenny_H about how that works out in GA

    Good explanation. From what I am seeing, the speedo on SSs are relatively accurate. I got use to having the spedo on my Kawis and Wing read 5 to 10 high. Good reason to have a GPS on board.

    I’d go with the HF motor. As long as your compressor and tank are in good shape, just replace the motor. New compressors of that size/capacity are pretty expensive. Probably in the $1k range.

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    @edwardaneal Thanks for posing this, and then following up with what you added and where you got them.

    It is to each their own... no one has to do it my way or they are wrong.

    I pulled my factory seatbelt connector out, put in the harness bars and 4 point harness in. I would have left the factory in, but couldn't get them to mount simultaneously . Some days I wish I hadn't put them because the harness is not as easy to use and I can't figure out how to get it out of the way so I can go without it. Other days, I'm glad they are there as the g-force going around the corner threatens to toss me out! I see the point of the lap belt only for ease of use. If I wanted safe, I'd have bought a Toyota Camry.

    One way would be to go with a 5 point harness with a duck bill latch. Leave out the submarine strap. If you don’t want the shoulder straps just put them behind the seat and latch the lap belt. Hard charging? Pull the shoulder harness out from behind the seat back, latch up and go racing. Use to do it all the time in my ‘66 Midget. Only used the harness for gymkhanas.

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    Ghost Ryder and I are taking one of our other "money pits" to Valdosta GA this weekend for a little R&R. We'll be there Friday through Sunday if anyone wants to come by and hang out with us. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and wish us luck in the competition. Here are a few pic's that we took last fall at Valdosta.

    Sweet. Hang on tight and suit up. It’s gonna be cold this weekend.

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    I am learning that my hobbies/money pits are not quite the same as everyone else here. I also realize that I am in a completely different income bracket as some after seeing this thread lol.

    I confess, we have caviar tastes on a potato chip budget. But, we can make nickels and dimes go a long way.

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    Some more of my hobbies/money pits.

    This is before I sold both the VN2000 and the Gold Wing.

    Loved both of those bikes. Miss ‘em.

    My other hobby is wood turning. I make custom writing implements and wooden bowls. Two of my favorite pieces are a pen turned from a piece of Horse Chestnut which was planted by Geo Washington. The other is Teak from the handrail of the Andria Doria.

    Both were scary to turn. If you make a mistake there are no replacement blanks.

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    LOL ~> I have to make the 3D moldel on Fusion 360 first... AFTER I make my spray booth, but not before I make my oven, and somewhere in-between, finish my DAMN WALL!!!! :P

    *I said it would be a year... I'm just going to go back to my corner until then. ||

    Shop build out is never done. Trust me. My wood shop has been a work in progress for years.

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    Expect you will let us know when you will be stopping by on the way home. We live just off the 40 in the Little Rock area.

    Would love to swing by. We’re still plotting out the route. Going to stay off the super slabs. Thinking of riding the Natchez Trace from Natchez into Tennessee. A lot depends on the spring storm patterns. We know them all too well.

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    Well, since it's April 3rd, and looks like this is really happening, I'll post up. Larry is special, not in the short bus way either! He has helped many on here including myself. I'm glad he got the Harley, and I'm glad he's been enjoying it. I did not realize he was selling his Slingshot, I don't look in the for sale area like I should. Of all the ones I've seen, that one is one that I found to be done to my liking enough that I'd have considered it. I knew @pricejh61 said he would soon have the SS in orange, but I didn't connect the dots.

    I will be one that will miss Larry's posts on here greatly. His humor ran parallel to mine, and he was always one of the first to answer questions. To say he will be missed here...... I believe that is a vast understatement! I understand and respect his choice, and wish him nothing but the very best in whatever direction he is going.....

    You would not have found it in the For Sale section. Back in December I announced that I was looking for a good sling to purchase. @Slingrazor offered me that beautiful Blue one. Oh, it was so tempting....Blue is my favorite color.... a couple of days later Larry contacted me and offered up his Nuc 'em Orange. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make since I retired... Nancy actually made the final decision. She really liked the orange and the roof.

    Current plans are that Miss N and I will fly into El Paso sometime late April/early May and meet up with Larry, take possession of the Slingshot and spend the night in Las Cruses. We will probably head over to La Posta that evening for some traditional Mexican feast. In the morning e will begin our ride to East Tennessee in the Nuc 'em Orange sling. Wish we could go now. But, Nancy has jury duty beginning 4/9. As soon as she is done with that we'll go get it.

    I fully understand, and appreciate, Larrys' position and mind set. As Don Ameche said "Things Change." I wish him well, much success and great joy.