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    Just remember, it is perfectly OK to lie if it advances the cause of Islam. And, I don’t remember reading anything in the Quran forbidding an affair.

    Denise and I were hoping you'd come a little early. As it starts to dry out, I get my work done earlier and earlier. I've got a couple of places in mind we can ride to. I am getting all the banners hung, all the tables set and all of that type stuff done the weekend before so all I have to do the week of is ride and mow.

    Nancy and I are planning on arriving Wednesday afternoon.

    If you finally succumb be careful. I drilled a little high on the driver side. Should have held it down about a 1/2 inch. Got a little more splash guard flange than I wanted. It is still ok.

    I used my hot glue gun to glue the pieces in place. Make sure that you use a high temp gun and sticks. Low temp glue might soften and weaken in the summers both here in the South and especially in the Mojave.

    At least you have more than 20 minutes warning for a hurricane unlike a tornado. That being said, the new updates for this storm shows it hitting the east Coast of Florida as a Cat 3 Hurricane with rain fall in excess of 8 inches ans the usual storm surge. Good thing it''s not going to be a full moon this time as well

    If ya need someplace to run to...we got space.

    Well, my patience finally ran out AND the vacuum hose from the wheel well didn’t work worth crud. So I went with

    Mniron's True Floorboard Air Vent. Scared the heck out of me to take a 3” hole saw to the body work. But, finally screwed up the courage and drilled away.

    Result? It works. Not like forced air or a blower. But fresh air movement in the footwells feels pretty good.

    the artist also did a painting of Bush that she mentions in the link titled "War Games" Apparently the paintings were intended as a commentary on how the media portrayed these Presidents. The artist is from Australia and says she had no personal view on American politics at the time


    Good insight on the media.

    Here in California "fully enclosed" three wheel motorcycles that are within some specific dimensions which the slingshot is within are exempt from the helmet requirement - unfortunately what "fully enclosed" is is not defined and is left to the judge to decide - I personally know a guy got a helmet slingshot ticked dismissed by showing a picture of his slingshot with his homemade canvas top they is very much like twist or bullet speed top

    unfortunately he had to take off work to go to court two different days, first to enter a plea and second for a hearing where the police officer could be there

    to me this is not worth it - my time and income lost to go fight a helmet ticket is worth more than just paying the ticket and in the end it is just easier to where the 1/2 helmet

    I’m on a different position. Retired with nothing better to do than torque some jaws. Actually, it gives me something to do. 🤣

    I spoke to a Defense Attorney (actually a former State Trooper) that has successfully gotten 2 helmet tickets dismissed and is currently working on a 3rd. This was in Grundy County (Tennessee vs Rainwater) He is confident that these will continue to be dismissed. According to him law 308 excluding autocycles, supersedes 302b. This along with the seat belt, sitting in a seat and not straddling like a bike. He also stated that this is fully enclosed by definition. The bottom line I have not found a ticket that has been upheld in the courts in Tennessee. All taken to court have been dismissed. He believes this will continue to happen until they clear up the the wording in the law. I have his contact info if you want to confirm or have gotten a ticket and need a recommendation for a defense Attorney.

    Thanks. I did not get a citation, not even a written warning. Just verbal that I have to wear. The trooper I spoke with in Knoxville agreed that the law is really unclear. But, they have to follow the directions on HQ and push the issue.

    Ok, I think I get what you are talking about. Occasionally, depending on what I am listening to, the display will show only two lines in GIANT text. With a new song it will go back to four lines. Usually when I am listening to music from my iPhone. Either BT or hooked up to the USB. To me it is just a quirk of the radio.

    Less than a month till the start of Mayhem in the Mountains. Denise and I are really pleased with the turn out. I am sure there will be a few that get here before Thursday. For the few that come in before Thursday I am planning a Leaded two hour ride (that would be lead footed) through Bear Tree up to white top mountain and back. Calling it "Kurves and Kudzu":00007863:

    Ahhh….Kudzu, the vine that ate the South.

    I think tapping into the alternator output will also give me a cleaner wiring look. this way I am not having to run all the way to the back of the bike. so running to the alternator, where did you ground it?

    Another good spot is on the fwd bolt that holds the left rear hood latch. That's where I put mine. Only about 6 inches long.