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    Good luck. I’ve heard that the party was moved to Las Vegas. Something about Rachel not having enough resources to support 50,000 strangers. Oh, and the feds said that those signs saying something about use of deadly force are real. 😏

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    I have had to stop for bears, deer, turkey, ducks, chickens, and elk crossing the road but only in Va. would I have to stop for a PIG to cross the road. Think Tim had it planned to add to the Sun. morning ride. He said it would be "special".

    I will make that a featured ride next year.


    And well it should be. We loved it.

    Brunch stop!

    Nancy and I had a great weekend. Thanks to you and Miss D for a wonderful time.

    Here’s a few more shots from the weekend.

    These two were total shockers!

    Great hosts at the party.

    Into every life a little rain must fall. But it is just temporary.

    Saw these opportunities after the rains.

    We’ll be back next year, if not sooner.

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    90* at 7:15 in the evening. Heading out in the morning for Mayhem in the Mountains. Expecting cool mornings and warm to hot afternoons. Evenings should be warm. Rain? Not an issue. MIGHT see a shower or two, no reason to call the game on account of rain. Just slow down for a few minutes.


    Well heck you got a full tank, just get going and add them up. You just might catch up with FunCycle . Have a great day my friend.

    That boy would have to croak for me to catch up to his mileage :D

    And I always try to park it with a full tank

    The last thing that I do before I go home is fill the tank for the next day. I get home. I do not want anything to slow me down the next day. Oh! and by the way I will have another Sling in about 3 weeks if everything works out. It is a 2016 Red SL, I can not turn it down for the money even if I just bring it home and park it until needed.


    Nothing like having a back up. 👍

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    We have two other vehicles. Miss Nancy has a little Mazda 3 Hatchback that we bought new a couple of years ago. Traded an ‘07 Forrester on it. Our other vehicle is a ‘15 Ram 2500 4x4 w/6.7 Cummins. We use it to pull the travel trailer when we go play snowbirds in the winter.

    The Mazda on the day we brought it home. And our trailer in the driveway.

    Our Ram 2500 running the Dragon. Yeh, it’s a big slug.

    I had one of there for a couple of months. Couldn’t find a really good place to mount it and did not have the external power for it. I found the display to be a little too dim to read in right sunlight. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it secured to the panel and it ran away from me on the Snake a couple of weeks ago. 😏

    When I get a wild hair I like to spend time in

    My wood shop. I play with my lathe making pens and bowls. I also make an occasional yard angel.