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    Per his responses on Instagram $13,700. That may be the price on this build. Maybe the start a little cheaper if you chose different options...
    I personally could care less on what anyone "calls" it when a quad kit is installed. All I know is that this type of setup will just kill any Slingshot in the typical stock 3 wheel configuration. This type of setup is not for someone that worries about classifications. To appreciate this, you really need to understand the performance and how it relates to other very fast and expensive vehicles. It is a legitimate go cart with 4 wheels that you can drive legally on the street and will likely embarrass Arial Atoms, KTM X-Bows, and other super cars in performance metrics.

    I have one of the fastest, if not the fastest, track Slingshots in the country. I am quite literally out of things to add to it that would make it faster on a track in a 3-wheeled configuration. I like the looks of a 3-wheeled Slingshot better, but you never get the crazy fast acceleration feeling in a Slingshot because rear traction is such an issue. At some point you just hit a performance wall with 3 wheels, to go any faster you would need to add a quad kit.

    Props to Bob and making this kit a reality so people can buy it. For around a $50k budget/build, this is a tremendous value compared to other vehicles with this type of performance.

    Excellent point.

    You can now purchase a KTM Xbow in the US but only use it for track days. For about half the price, a 4 wheel Slingahot would be quite the competition and at least as much fun.

    @Tango What the heck is wrong with it?

    Not to derail the 4 wheel debate, it just needs some tweaks to fueling (a bit rich) and to idle (a bit too low).

    Now back to the debate. I am on the fence with this one... is the 6 wheeled Hennesey Raptor still a Raptor?

    For me, I see it both ways - yes a 4 wheeled Slingshot is still a slingshot just as a 3 wheeled Harley or Honda Goldwing is still a Harley or Goldwing (even though they are technically Autocycles after the conversion, in many states).

    On the flipside it's also a valid argument that having 3 wheels is what makes a Slingshot a Slingshot or an Elio an Elio, etc. They were designed to be in this config and many motorcyclists would say trikes "aren't" real bikes.

    Having said all that, the Fiero bodykit brings up another point... is the gullwing door Slingshot not a slingshot? Or any of the other body modified ones?

    Another interesting point.. is a Cobra replica not a Cobra? Why not? What is more a Cobra - a heavily modified original Shelby Cobra or an exact replica Superformance Cobra? Both? Neither?

    I tend to lean that if it starts with a Slingshot frame, it is still a slingshot no matter how many wheels, what engine, what body, what mods. In the end, they are all cool to me and would happily and proudly park next to any of them at a meet and ask how the hell they did that. :D

    Just threw a nasty cam in mine - 231/246 .640/.615 with all the top end that goes with it (springs, lifters, etc.). Texas Speed has an engine dyno verified 88/28 hp/tq gains which should be good for roughly 75whp and 24wtq. Should be close to 500whp with a good tune (in progress).

    632 is just insane. Well done my friend, well done.


    Sorry to hear that Lucas. I was hoping it might be a long term supplier but alas, it is difficult to find good, long lasting custom work.

    Maybe when you get back from Spain and move to Texas everything will be better. :D:thumbup:

    Well let's not discount more than 300 hp just because there is one wheel. Think about all the vehicles that have over 600hp going to 2 wheels. Is it wasted? To some degree yes. But distorting your face from 50mph to 100mph is kinda fun. :)

    I think the issue with rhis setup is the cost to get it right and only being able to sell a couple setups.

    This will cost $20k. At that point why not put in a V8? With the current turbos at $4,500 it is easy to see why you wouldn't. But throw in forgings, a new transmission, tuning, it starts to get really expensive.

    I think 300hp is the sweet spot for this chassis. However I am looking for 450 reliable hp. For no other reason than I am an idiot.

    You may not like me anymore because I made a mistake in calculating the front area whereas I left out the windscreen which adds anywhere from 5 to 7 square feet. It's more like 728 hp needed for 180 mph.

    I think a cd of 1.0 is way, way too high. A 2005 Jeep wrangler with top off is .58. The Sling has to be a little better than that - every surface on that jeep is nearly perpedicular to the oncoming air.

    Andy (from Alpha) went 165 in mine during initial shakedown on the V8 - he said there was way more power but the front was lifting bad (still had full hood). I've seen 145 with a passenger monitoring gps speed.

    That's over 400whp, a 6 speed with better 5th gearing and I've aerodynamically changed mine.

    If I can gather up enough manparts I might try the Texas Mile with it after the additional 60ish hp is tuned.