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    Got the SCG-1 installed finally. Now I just have to get it configured properly.

    Is there any info on how to do this out there?

    I only found to set the RPM to 0.5. I also set shift RPM to 6500.

    I had no oil in for about 3 weeks during my install, didn't prime or disconnect my fuel or anything, and she started right up first try. Later my friend told me I should have disconnected fuel and allowed some oil to pump into the turbo for the first time, but it was too late by then. So in my case, everything worked fine w/o needing to do anything special.

    I'm gathering we just have to stick that sensor somewhere it doesn't rattle around too much. Not in the spot the 2-bar one goes.

    BKL, now that you mention it, I wonder if anyone has tried tapping into the wires from the 2-bar sensor and sending them to the gauge. I don't see why that isn't possible unless the ECM gets bugged out somehow.

    There would be no need to put a T in the vacuum line then.

    Thank you everyone, great info here! That's what I like to see.

    I just installed my turbo, and already bought the studs. I also have a digital torque wrench and breaker bar, so set on the tools.

    I'll give it a good cleaning before lifting the cover as well, good idea with using air. My SS only has ~1500 miles so I doubt I won't be able to reuse my gasket.

    What's involved with pulling the cam cover to replace these? Do I have to drain anything, or just disconnect what's up top, undo the bolts and lift and bolts are right there?

    Putting the cover back I don't have to play with any RTV right, just the gasket and make sure it's clean?

    Yes sir. From what I gathered it can't be used as a controller in the SS with the MEFI ECM.

    I messaged Innovative, but there only response was:

    "It would have made much more sense to purchase a PSB-1 if you do not need the boost control function. That said, if you install the boost controller and simply skip the installation of the solenoid, it will still read boost and AFR."

    But I still have to hook up the controller because the gauge itself doesn't have a vacuum tube. So the above doesn't help me all that much. Do I even use the 4 bar map sensor? If so, where?