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    Dipped my windshield / mirrors in Rainx

    AND trying this out. I put Rainx on the rear wheel inside hub. Anxious to see if it keeps the dust/dirt down or off. 😎 5AM launch

    I was thinking about trying rainx, even stopped at both autozone and o'relies by my house and neither one carries the RainX for plastic

    I have read that regular rainx will damage plastic windshields and helmet face shields so I guess I will he to order the plastic formula from Amazon

    The only thing I miss about not having an automatic is the almost instant downshift you can get when you punch it to pass someone or to make a light - other than that for driving the mountain roads and my everyday driving I get pleasure from the connection to the experience that the manual transmission gives me, it keeps me more involved

    In most cars I would probably opt for an automatic, but in a sports car, motorcycle or a Jeep for off roading I prefer a manual

    no right or wrong to it - its just what I like 8o

    Hey, I finally installed mine. I have not really checked it out yet. But I can say Sport Plus is kind of touchy.

    yea - I only tried sport+ one time and it was way to touchy for me. I have just left mine at sport on the default center setting and I am getting very adjusted to it - even drove it in the rain earlier this week and was ready to turn it off, but ended up just leaving it. my foot is getting very comfortable being easy on the pedal when needed

    who knows after I have had it on the sport setting for a really long time I might try sport plus again - might not seem so touchy then 8o

    The only time I have been back to the dealer where I bought my Slingshot the only person who was in a taking mood was the service writer - nice kid

    Sales staff out on the floor were friendly but as soon as they found out I was not a buying customer very quickly moved on to talk to other people or to go stand by the door with other sales people

    Service area - -not allowed back there so I didn't get a chance to talk to the mechanic

    if the motor is currently used in something else and has a track record....that’s one thing but if it’s just now new from the ground up....I wouldn’t be in line to buy....same with the tranny unless it has a few years of usage...

    if you think about it probably only 1/4 of the population can drive a stick so ignoring the people that can’t is eliminating a lot of potential sales.

    I must admit that I find it hard to understand how anyone would let not knowing how to use a clutch and shift keep them from getting a vehicle they really wanted. - Learn!!!

    when I got my first motorcycle as a kid I had never used a clutch or had to shift - not once in my life. my total experience up to that point was riding minibikes with centrifugal clutches and no gears. My parents drove me to the Honda dealership where we haggled and ended up buying a brand new Honda CB 100 - - when we were done with the paper work my parents said "see you at home" and got in the car and left. - - the sales person briefly explained to me the 1 down 4 up shift pattern and that was it - - - got on the bike and learned how to shift on the 10 mile ride home - - after the first block or so I never really thought about it again

    It was the same thing the first time I drove a manual transmission car, I just got in and applied what I knew from my motorcycle experiences and off I drove.

    The idea that someone would really love a vehicle but then decide they cant have it because they are unwilling to learn something is just beyond my comprehension

    It isnt brain surgery

    I taught my daughter how to drive a stick on the short drive home from buying her first car - a used Miata that she just had to have and wasnt letting a stick shift stop her

    Now, just to be clear, I can totally understand that some people just cant drive a stick for physical reasons and I think it is great if these people have the option, but not getting a Slingshot you really want because you are too lazy to learn something new? - - - - - WOW!

    Having a good relationship with the dealer can lead to all sorts of benefits. I even ride with the head of the service department occasionally. As an example they have put on a cookout for a group of slingers at my request the last two years. When I had a problem with a drive belt a new one was supplied. Not well we'll see if Polaris will cover it. They've been good enough to help another friend with road service when he needed a tire almost fifty miles from their dealership. I could go on but you get the idea . If you treat people well they usually reciprocate in kind. If you only show up when you need something..... Well that's another story

    Trust me, I wold love to just stop in and chat, but my dealer is an hour and 1/2 away on the so cal freeways not exactly a fun ride and just not a direction I go very often with my slingshot - - having said that there is a dealer about 30 minutes away that I have not been too, I have been thinking about stopping by and talking to them about this recall - - - - might ride up that way this Monday and see what I think

    After watching the recall being done the only possible reason I can imagine for them to say that is the physical restraints of size. The new fuse holder is designed to piggyback on the original one but I would think it would still be easy enough to do. As others have said a lot depends on the dealer and a good relationship with them always helps

    Having only been back to the dealer one time since buying the slingshot I doubt they even know who I am without looking me up and to be completely honest I hope I never have to go back enough times to actually establish a relationship with the service department

    all the recall does is eliminate the 50 amp fuse/circuit breaker with the tiny little prongs and replaces it with a beefier 50 amp fuse and fuse you won’t notice anything and it should not cause any issues.

    I don’t see any correlation with changing the battery and the chassis circuit inadequate fuse as a reason to not honor the BS....a 12 volt battery is 12 volts..

    the battery is not causing the problem....

    I agree that the battery would not cause the problem, but could it be possible that a battery capable of delivering more current could make the problem bigger by generating more heat when something does go wrong?

    with the stock warranty I can't see this as being a problem, but with an aftermarket extended warranty I could see where any changes to the electrical system including changing to a different spec battery could be used as a reason to void the coverage - extended warranties are notorious for their "exceptions"

    My slingshot was put in the shop for the brake failure light. They so called replaced it. It lasted about 3 weeks light back on. My slingshot has been in the shop over a freaking month. I get a call today saying that they can’t do the warranty work because I have an aftermarket battery in my unit. Has anyone ever ran across this? Oh by the way it’s a brand new battery that I purchased from sling mods and now it dead because it has been sitting up!! I am beyond frustrated at this point. Don’t know what to do.

    curious - is this the standard warranty or an extended warranty?

    I ask because I have heard that aftermarket extended warranties can have all kinds of clauses that let them void coverage.

    You can never be too cautious in the desert. I was in 29 Palms once were there was 2 feet of water in town and I had to wait it out at the gas station on my motorcycle. Rain storms and flash floods go hand-in-hand. It only took about an hour for it to recede.

    The desert can be an angry place in a rainstorm .

    The road has been closed for many years now, but back in the early 70's my father and I took a trip up Surprise Canyon to Panamint City - an old Sliver mining ghost town on the outskirts of Death Valley that was almost completely wiped out by flash floods - - the entire drive up the canyon in our 4x4 K5 blazer my father was so concerned that at every little trickle of water across the road we would stop and get out and check it before crossing

    Panamint City CA

    Probably don't need to tell you this, but be careful with any water running across the desert roads. even if the rain seems far away it can come out of the canyons and cause flooding. Other than that please take lots of pictures and share them here

    Last November the voters here in California voted to authorized the State congress to keep us from falling back - - of course the congress has done nothing about it so instead of doing what the vast majority of us voted for - we set out clocks back

    idiot politicians cant even get something as simple as this done

    Been watching my weather radar app for the last hour or so - - this app is normally dead on at showing the rain, but today not so much

    For all of the last hour it has showed light rain, but looking outside not a drop, even checked my home outdoor cameras thinking that perhaps it just was going around my location and not a drop there either


    Trying to have a conversation with you is like talking to this