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    Thanks for the info. Generally, a tire warranted for rotated operation is still expected to last about half the normal tread-life when used in a non-rotated situation. I got around 10-11K out of my two Kendas on the rear and got around 35K on the original Kenda fronts. Since the Kendas lasted so long on the front, I expect the Motivos to last even longer. I had hoped to get more than 20K from the Motivo on the rear, though.

    Some folks don't like running an asymmetrical tire on the Slingshot's rear, but I had a Sumitomo HTR Z III 295/30ZR18 tire which is mildly asymmetric on the rear for around 7,000 miles w/o problems. My only complaint was the short treadlife.

    I've considered a Motivo 315/35ZR17 on the rear since it's rated for a pretty long tread-life which should hopefully last around 30K miles), but I'm a little concerned the harder compound may not produce enough traction.

    IIRC, the SLR rear wheel is 11" wide. just check the website for your preferred tire model and they should have a chart showing the minimum, recommended and maximum wheel widths on which that particular size tire can be mounted. Based on the info below, I doubt a 345 would fit on an 11" wide wheel, but I'd guess a 325 should fit, maybe even a 335. Again, this is just a guesstimate.

    Here's the 20" 555 G2 tires Nitto lists for an 11" wide 20" wheel -

    285/35ZR20 104W XL 9.5-(10.0)-11.0

    295/35ZR20 105W XL 10.0-(10.5)-11.5

    295/40ZR20 110W XL 10.0-(10.5)-11.5

    305/30ZR20 103W XL 10.5-(11.0)-11.5

    305/35ZR20 107W XL 10.0-(11.0)-12.0

    315/30ZR20 104W XL 10.5-(11.0)-11.5

    315/35ZR20 110W XL 10.5-(11.0)-12.5

    The charts also typically show the tire's tread width, diameter, etc., but entering the tire & wheel info on will provide a visualization comparing two different tire/wheel combos to give a decent idea on fitment. WillTheyFit's speedometer calculation is not accurate, so I recommend using for an accurate speedometer impact number.

    You can get the same thing with leaves on the road or gravel and or sand. I have had both to happen while driving on the mountain roads and the rear end of the Sling would just snap out.

    I can see wet leaves or sand causing a problem on curves, but I was on a straight bridge when my rear end suddenly shifted and when I turned around and went back to check the road, I couldn't find anything that might have caused problems.

    I've experienced pucker riding after a rain and coming around a curve only to see sand, gravel and small limbs that were left in the road when water ran across the road. Luckily, I managed to safely maneuver thru/around the debris each time, but it still caused a very tense pucker!

    I've been running Nitto Motivos (rated for around 60,000 miles) on the front for the past 20,000 miles and had a Nitto 555 G2 315/35R17 on a Mustang wheel from American Muscle for 10,000+ miles before I tried an Achilles Sport 2 305/30R18. The Nitto 555 G2 315/35 cost over $200, but was still one of the least expensive tires available in that size and I still have more miles left on it. I've been happy with the 555 G2 and will be putting it back on the rear once I finish the 2 Achilles 305 tires I have. The Achilles 30530R18 tire is mounted on a Circuit Performance CP32 wheel and while the Achilles Sport 2 305 has performed well for its $105 cost, it was a PITA for the tire shops to get it installed and rides hard, both factors probably a result of its 30 series profile.

    What do you posters consider to be a safe speed in the rain. I see a lot of people talking about hydroplaning but no one had mentioned the speed they were running when it happened. This would be good info for new owner.

    I had already stopped under cover due to the heavy rain, but I hit another patch of rain a little later after getting on the Interstate. I started to fishtail into the next lane in a heavy downpour. Fortunately, I had positioned my Slingshot so I had one or two lanes either side of my lane and no vehicles were next to me when it happened. I was able to regain control of my Slingshot before anything bad happened and pulled off onto the service road where I drove at an even slower speed until the rain let up again and then got back on the Interstate to get home.

    I've actually had several instances where the rear end broke loose during rain and have luckily been able to safely recover each time, although I'm surprised my shorts didn't change color!

    I was driving on a dry road under clear, sunny skies and was crossing abridge when the rear end suddenly kicked slightly sideways. I went back and checked the road surface and didn't notice any wet or slick spots and don'y know to this day what happened.

    offer them 12 flat. They will sell. At 12k thats a fantastic deal.

    I'd still take their offer if they reject $12K flat, though. That's still a good price. Also, since that Slingshot is relatively close to you, you save on transport costs. Just get a SC temporary tag and arrange your insurance coverage before you go pick it up and then enjoy your trip home!

    I wish these vehicles had made it to market. -

    I was waiting for years for Persu Mobility's leaning trike to hit the market, but Carver Tech in Holland was over their leaning technology which Persu had licensed. I guess that may be what caused problems for this vehicle. I had pre-registered for one, but they didn't last long enough for me to need to place a deposit. - This was supposed to be a gyro-stabilized 2-wheeler that Lit Motors said was supposed to be good for all driving conditions, but I would've been very leery of icy roads. I loved the overall concept, though.

    I requested a refund of my deposit just before I took delivery of my Slingshot back in June 2015.

    FWIW, I can't remember if I placed a deposit with Elio & can't find any emails about having done so.



    Orangeman, where'd you find video of my last two wheel crash? I had what we used to call Highway Hypnosis before I didn't make the turn. I didn't remember riding past a 1/4 mile fence with lights on top of each fence column. Fortunately, I only scraped my knee and bruised my chest with my cell phone, but things could have been MUCH worse. My 2015 Slingshot finally got delivered a couple months later.

    These "lawn" mowers are INSANE!

    When I was growing up, my Grandfather's farm had land so steep about that half of the grassland could only be cut and raked using horse-drawn equipment. We had a half-crazy neighbor who would occasionally bush-hog the hillsides and seemed to flip his tractor at least once every time he tried. If he could get it to restart after getting it back on its wheels, he would try again. He was also a bit of a drinker and destroyed a brand new IH Scout in less than a year and managed to wrap his Olds 442 around a TREE. This was in the1960s/70s before airbags. Friendly guy, but a bit of a maniac!

    I have around 56,500 miles on my 2015 Slingshot. Added a turbo at 36K after the original 2 year warranty expired. I've had it torn apart for mods a couple times for multi-month priods so those miles were actually put on it over about 3.5 years. Still runs great.

    Both Slingshots seem to be priced nicely. Are they both the Base model (also called Slingshot S) or is either one an SL (includes radio, backup camera and slightly larger wheels). If your husband likes to listen to music, go for an SL, if available, since adding a decent sound system will cost at least $500-1000 or more. Also, does your husband have a color preference?

    Personally, I'd rather have music over color. I started with a 2015 Base Metallic Titanium model, had it repainted yellow before Polaris ever offered that color, added my own music system (I'm probably on my 3rd or 4th mod to the radio/speakers) and have modified a lot of different things on my Slingshot.

    Perfectly explained. We took out new SS out yesterday for about a 200 mile ride. Mine did exactly the same thing. Not all the time but a few times.. And when it didn't completely stall the RPM's would drop to just above a stall and then recover to idle... I'm going to read the rest of this thread but have you found the issue yet? SZurlo

    Check with your dealer. IIRC, Polaris changed the tune to correct that. If that doesn't work, I believe the aftermarket tune from might fix that, but it's rather expensive, so see if you can get the dealer to reflash your ECU and hopefully fix the problem.

    I have the 32mm socket and occasionally it still is difficult to get it in place on top of the filter cover. I also have a 32mm crowfoot wrench that, while a little awkward to have to keep removing and resetting it on the filter cover, works fine w/o getting stuck trying to place it on the filter cover.

    Edward Neal - As far as the Draft, I hit 18 in Nov 1970 and the next lottery pulled 333. I had chosen engineering in college to avoid having to take a foreign language, got tired of going to school and volunteered for the draft and while at the reception station at Ft. Jackson, SC, ended up extending to go into the Army Security Agency to go to German language training. I ended up taking German for 6 hrs/day for 32 weeks with an initial homework load around 3 hrs/night! Remember, I had gotten tired of school so I joined the Army! Guess I wasn't so smart. Between Basic Training, German Language training and my 98G Voice Intercept Operator training, I was in school for the next 14 months before I finally got assigned to the US Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin. My experience there got me a great starting position when I finally got out of the Army 11+ years later, but the best part was meeting my Wife while she was taking Russian in the Air Force! We just had our 46th Anniversary last December.

    My dealer fixed all the problems this morning. They installed a mechanical switch instead of the "polaris" fix. Ran about 200 miles again today and no problems at all!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Did you have to ask them to do the mechanical switch or did they do so voluntarily? If they recommended/chose to do that, I think your dealer is a keeper!