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    The strength of the USA has been its large population and resources base. The UK is considered the World's 5th largest economy and was the EU's second largest. I imagine they will be able to maintain trade with the EU, but I don't think it will be the same favorable treatment the UK has received up to now. Additionally, the fact that Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to remain in the EU has already prompted calls for a re-vote of the failed 2014 Scottish independence referendum as well as calls for Northern Ireland to leave the UK to stay in the EU. The end result of the BREXIT vote could be the diminution of the UK into England & Wales.
    Additionally, the vote appears to have been driven along age lines in that younger voters wanted to stay in the EU and older voters seemed to long for days past and an Independent UK. Under the Lisbon Treaty, unlike the US Constitution, EU member states have the stated right to remain or stay in the EU and have roughly two years to work out the details of how they exit and future relations with the EU. Given the age difference in support for Leaving the EU, I wouldn't be all that surprised to see a re-vote on EU membership somewhere down the line.
    There was a pro-leaving Conservative MP on the BBC who was assuring people that there would be minimal problems even though the BBC commentators were talking about how quickly the British Pound seemed to be affected by the unexpected Leave outcome. She also maintained that David Cameron would remain Prime Minister and lead the UK thru its exit negotiations, even though he had opposed leaving the EU.
    Things will be interesting for the next few years.

    Brother I'm sure the Alfa brackets work great really not complicated to install. There are several very good post on the front and rear hood ajustments, someone to help you will be great also I just happen to have tooooooo muuuuuucccccch time on my hands!

    It's funny, but since I retired I can't seem to get anywhere near as much done compared to when I was working!

    We are all clear that the hood brackets and the hood lift shocks are two different items.
    I have stock hatch .....looking to add the hood lift.Will be doing this soon!

    I agree they are the brackets and gas struts are indeed different things.
    I mentioned I had the Alpha brackets simply because I had already referenced the fact that my hood didn't always stay securely latched. Had I thought about modding the original brackets as you did, I might not have bought the Alpha brackets. The main reason I haven't installed the new brackets is I'm concerned the process may introduce problems and require additional adjustments.

    You mean the stock hood latch? That could've been a totally independent issue and the pins/springs where just being affected by it.
    I too have experienced difficulty opening the hood but it has been after many hours of riding. Rarely happens on short trips. Why I have no idea maybe in long trips the latch gets thighter, I have however sprayed the entire mechanism with garage door lube and it seems to have helped.

    Awhile back, my rear latches would sometimes come loose and the springs seemed to aggravate that. After removing the springs, the latches haven't come loose in quite awhile.
    The rear driver side latch now tends to release at least partially, but if I lift the hood w/o simultaneously lifting the driver side of the hood a few feet back from the front of the hood, the hood doesn't come up and seems to hang on something near the rear driver side latch. Problem started shortly after purchase, cleared up and then came back again. The springs helped, but also seemed to aggravate the latches coming loose, so I removed the springs.

    One more question....Are you using the spring? Does it have any effect?

    I had the springs and liked them as they helped my hood pop up instead of occasionally sticking, but my hood latches were popping loose, so I removed the springs. if I ever install hood pins, I'll probably reinstall the springs.
    I also have the gas struts, but when my hood sticks I still have trouble opening the hood.

    It's possible that they don't run them on dragsters because they only run the engine for a whopping 7-10 seconds. Most likely that would just be further restriction of air for zero benefit. When we run the slings hard for extended time in the mountains or a road course the inter cooler would be more useful.

    The short run time is part of what I was getting at, plus the fact that blown drag motors are gulping incredible amounts of air, giving the intercooler little time to do anything. Obviously, intercoolers must make an appreciable difference in air temps and engine performance or they wouldn't be so popular. I'm just curious how much of a difference they make.

    Here in the Houston area, our average humidity is around 78% year-round. We actually have a few "winter" months where the humidity seems bearable. We usually hit the 80s beginning in April and stay above that until mid-Oct +/- a few weeks. Although I grew up w/o AC, I've spent too many years enjoying AC comfort and don't have much desire or energy to do much outside once it gets hot and humid.

    I've managed to avoid the live ones, so far. I have hit a dead one with one of my wheels and it felt like hitting a large rock! Last Saturday night, I top a hill and someone had hit something in the oncoming lane and parts of it were in my lane. On my return trip, I realized it was a (presumably wild) hog, probably around 150+ lbs. Just glad I didn't hit one of them.
    Back around 2010 or 2011, I was on a night ride on my SV650 from Gatlinburg, TN over to the Dragon and was coming down the Foothills Parkway toward Chilhowee and 29 when a bear cub rolls out of the bushes and down the embankment towards the road. I managed to avoid it and don't think Mom would have been very forgiving if I had hit it. It was a little unnerving.

    If I choose to turbo, I'll be getting an intercooler. I just want to know how much a difference in temp the intercooler makes. I can see how compressing air will increase its temperature and just wanted to know how much cooling the intercooler provides. Like I posted earlier, the air doesn't take very long to move thru the intercooler and, since air doesn't radiate as efficiently as cooling liquid in a normal vehicle radiator, I was wondering just how much a temp drop can be achieved?
    Since intercoolers are so popular on street cars but seem to be missing from high HP dragsters, I assume the intercooler is effective on street vehicles but is not effective at the extremely high air flow rates involved in a top fuel dragster. Again, just curious.

    Purchased 6.22.15. Local trips only, 3-5 hrs 2-3 times per week. Just went over 21000 miles last night. I also had 3-4 weeks where the body was off and I didn't ride. So far, I'm running about the same yearly miles I did on two wheels.

    I don't believe that is what he is looking for. I think he is trying to figure out the effective temperature drop across the inter-cooler to gauge if (in his mind and wallet) it is a necessity. For that he would need the intake charge temperature after the turbo, then again at the plenum.


    That is closer to what I was wondering about. I understand that to run anything above 3-4 lbs Boost, the intercooler is necessary. I was just wondering how much it can actually cool any airflow during such a short exposure in the intercooler. Just curious. Inquiring mind wants to know. :)

    No great hurry and don't want you to feel pressured. I was just thinking about using an Infrared thermometer to just point at the entrance into the intercooler and then at the exit, or at least I would if I had a turbo'd Slinsgshot! I'm still trying to figure out if I can juggle the finances enough to get some form of forced induction.

    As I understand the warranty, it's good for 2 years and unlimited mileage, so you're getting close to the end of the warranty if yours was one of the earliest builds. Per this Polaris website, the warranty begins from the date of SALE and Polaris makes no mention of restrictions other than 2 yrs, unlimited miles from date of sale.
    > 2015 Polaris Slingshot

    After having read about loose-fitting breakers, I tried bending the breaker legs out just slightly to help reduce the chance of the breaker being loose.

    I haven't reached my one year ownership anniversary, but if I don't go turbo, I plan on giving serious consideration to extending my warranty before it runs out.

    I was thinking about that recall ... I hard pass on that since I went HIDs. Sorry to hear that @SlingJockey

    You should still be able to get the relay fix. I had HIDs installed and got the relay fix. (OF course, maybe I just lucked out with my dealer. I told them I had HIDS just before they started the fix).
    When the mechanic reconnected the HIDs to the wiring, he connected them the way the connectors are designed and no lights. For some reason, my HID connectors hooked up the opposite of the standard connectors. Once I showed them on one headlight, they fixed the rest.

    When I first tested LED bulbs for the Center headlights, my Center headlights would sometimes go off if I went over 60 mph and come back on at about 40 mph and stay on as long as I didn't go over 60 mph. When the Center headlights went off, the outer auxiliary headlights would stay on, even though the original wiring had all 4 headlights on the same circuit. I tried some HIDS and the same thing happened. Now that I have had the relay fix, I haven't yet had a recurrence. I have since installed the Cycle Springs Canadian Headlight kit w/ all 6 LED bulbs.