Slingfest - Colorado Springs!

After attending a Slingfest event in Texas last year a group of us Colorado folk decided to get with Stan to get one on the calendar for 2022 and it's happening!

I know this is right on the heals of Maggie Valley which a lot of you attend, but wanted to share for those who maybe weren't going to be there and wanted to know about another event. Slingfests are a lot about light and sound and with us hosting one in Colorado, we'd me amiss if we didn't take advantage of these awesome roads and twisties we have here so YES there will be daily group rides. Yes and for those who are interested we will still have the typical sound and light competitions that Slingfest are known for if you do like to compete along with a lot of other fun events.

Space is not an issue... Our event location is HUGE and has room for us all indoors or outdoors with Whirlyball of Colorado Springs giving us over 70% of their parking lot space for our event (think walmart sized lot), We're excited about a space where we can get all the slingshot owners together for comradery and the ability to interact with our vendors right there on site. This is a free event - registration link will be added as it's available (end of the month) and I'll post a list of locked in vendors as that gets finalized so you know who we'll have on site.

Been working on this since we got back from Galveston in September, so excited to share it with you all and look forward to maybe seeing some of you that can attend!

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