This is what the racks were built for

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  • Did you make the racks or buy them. Never seen these before. If you made them do you sell them?

    • I made the racks, 10 sets and they are all gone. There are a couple of people that bought the racks and then bought a top and could not use. I forget which top, you can still mount the rack but the bar from the top runs across it so the rack is not usable. So you might see a set for sale somewhere.

  • Takes about 5 minutes to put on or take off, 8 polished stainless allen head screws. I will post the inside of the bars with racks bolted up. They are posted at the other forum.

  • Are the racks quickly removeable? Looks good funcycle. Youve put in alot of work customizing. And yes, I get your point.... to someone who doesnt own a polaris, they would never spot the added extras.