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    Will do, it's funny every young kid up here lives for hockey. My sons coach use to make the kids carry a puck in their pocket the whole season. If he seen the kids somewhere in town he would ask to see it to make sure they were carrying it. People collect them when they have a team or tournament name on them. Hockey is to Canada what football is to the USA

    I have a mixed box of tools my first set was the huge multi piece set from craftsman that my grandmother bought for me when I turned 16, still have probably 99% of them. I own a shit load of snap on also. Anything that I have to put my weight into I buy once as I was taught that even though the tool is guaranteed for life when it breaks, they won't pay your wages when you smash your elbow when it breaks and your off work for a few while it heals. Buy quality tools if your going to use them often you won't regret it. There is a difference between a snap on screw driver and a harbour freight one besides the price.

    :thumbdown: Damn you! It was freezing rain here and ice pellets. Now temps below freezing for next few days then more rain mix. Come on spring.

    That is a nice setups Macaw! I thought about the epoxy floor in mine but after being in a buddies with winter boots on and almost landing on my ass I had second thoughts and just put cure seal on the cement. I filled all the saw lines. Makes sweep up real easy. My floor is heated with an outdoor wood furnace and I keep it at 60 all winter.

    I have a farm but rent out the land, my tractor is a 50 hp toy. I like to buy bulldozers and equipment that need work and fix them up and sell them. Also do a lot of buying odds and ends when a deal comes up. Give it a going over and a earl scheib paint job and out the door. I like to tinker I guess. This was the last one that I sold. Made enough to pay for half my SS when I made the deal.

    Just put up 60 ft of double height slat wall. Made a rack for my wrenchs and now working on another for sockets. Heated area of shop is 36x60 and overall garage is 75x60. Way more tools than needed said no man. Just hate not being able to move around

    Michelin tires are the longest wearing tires by far. My father worked for a synthetic rubber manufacturer for his entire career and he said Michelin were the strictest purchasers they dealt with for quality control. Firestone were the worst buying everybody's rejects. The only problem I find with Michelin tires up here is they are a hard tire and not good for slippery roads.
    I tried hankook ATM on my 3/4 ton dodge a few yrs ago as they were semi aggressive and in stock for the size I wanted and price was good. Just called this week to get my truck in for a new set of hankooks which will be my third set getting about 70,000 miles on each set. I think that with my truck with the Diesel engine which is real heavy on the front (guessing yours is probably a diesel also) finding a tire that is 10ply and wears good is hard to do.

    Well another Canadian coming down. Just registered and booked a room at the Ramada. Tried a couple other motels and all booked up. Ramada has one more room available. We plan on leaving here Thursday morning. Google maps says 10-1/2 hrs with normal driving. We will see :BLACKSS: What a black SS will do it in. Hope to put some faces to some of the very helpful people on these forums. Now if we can just get thru these winter withdrawals ;(

    Well finished 2 things up today. I got around to installing the mirror blinkers that I got during the Black Friday deals from slingmods. Took the mirror off and fished the wire thru the head and then I took a short length of stainless instrument tube and covered it in black shrink tube and then used locktite superglue to attach it along the inside of the mirror arm. I then ran the wire thru this and then used the wire cover to go from the arm and up under the dash. Real happy with the look, I wasn't really excited about zip ties to hold the wire as the instructions show. Next on the list was installing a double din pioneer deck. Used the new install kit also from slingmods and very happy with the looks. Now I can hook up a rear view camera. I have been offered a camera from @jaycanter which I gladly accepted, just have o make an excuse to go for a visit for it and a look at his new masterpiece from @Painter. Is there a place anyone knows of that sells the camera housing aftermarket? Also gave the SS a dusting, felt bad seeing it sitting there with dust on it. This is going to be a looooong winter :(

    $35.00 per hour wet (including fuel) when I started flying. Those days are gone.

    I have all my classroom and 20 hrs seat time but decided it was too rich for my blood 2 yrs ago. The going rate here is 275hr instructor and plane. Every time I went up for 1-1/2 hrs which seemed like minutes was a $400 bill. Or in US funds $35. Wife asked me why I was taking flying lessons and I really didn't have a answer for her so I kind of gave it up.

    Industrial mechanic aka Millwright. Worked in a plastic mould shop for first 15 yrs and hold machinist and mould maker tickets also. Worked in a coal fired power plant for 10 yrs now work for Praxair as the main maintenance mechanic. Basically call my self a roofer since my job covers everything from fixing a squeaky door to 5500hp compressors and everything in between.