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    @MiM not gonna lie it may have been their fault on the last motor or at least whoever they used to build the motor. Long story short I went to do an oil change and realized about an inch of metal on my drain plug,so I knew I had some internal issues .from there I just decided to do everything over one last time. New motor new clutch redoing wiring and fresh I was basically trying to avoid engine failure

    alll the schools do is a lock down so your kids are just sitting there like fucking sitting ducks just waiting to either be shot or hit by a stray bullet. they announce some stupid codeword that alerts the teachers that there is an active shooter. they do drills for it all the time, but for some reason they don't teach them how to stop bullets. just sit under ur desk and wait to get shot.shits been goin on foreever i mean people really haven't forgot about columbine have you . two 16 year olds wiping out walmart for a shit load of ammo and then going on a shooting spree. fun fact though which i actually read this morning. this is one of the topics america actually leads the world in. not healthcare or stuff like that but were first up there with school shootings and massacres. people don't want gun control, i get it but things will only get worst. it just takes for something like this to touch home for some people to change their mind. I'm from Massachusetts we have some of the strictest gun laws in the states and when tragedies like this happen I sure am glad to know our state gun laws are working for us.and I'm not saying a change to the law will do anything because it probably won't but USA is goin to have to start thinking about putting armed guards at every school which is almost as ridiculous as thinking the gun laws will actually change. it just aint gonna happen

    @BKL hey I wasn’t trying to attack you at all sorry if I came off that way tsometimes it’s easier when broken down. I’m in the process of switching to standalone I will be using a 3.5 inch lcd display that will Have all types of info.i like the scg1 it’s a nice gauge and boost controller when you modify everything for the controller to work properly but I like the little shift light right in the center. But you can connect everything how the intructions tell you and run with the boost controller end of it off the gauge allows you to shut it off .for the money could you get a nicer gauge to do what you want just afr and boost sure but once you complete a bunch of other more mods for the controller end of it to work then it works pretty good .

    It’s not that hard guys come on it’s basic install did you get instructions with your gauge. The sensor that comes with the scg1 is strictly for the scg it plugs into the gauge. Then you run a vacuum line to that same sensor.from where ever your pulling your vacuumm. Installing or mounting the sensor where it wont get cooked. Run power and ground to the gauge , solenoid has a connector and plugs into gauge it will get power from there. Plug o2 in to connector coming from gauge aswell. And if you want the shift light to work your gonna have to find tach wire off the main harnest coming from the ecu. There’s no need to start splicing wires no need to think this sensor will be replacing your map sensor . This sensor is strictly for the scg1 and how in delivers the info your trying to see. And if I remember correctly because I no longer have mine installed. It doesn’t save any info your trying to log .you have to run the usb it comes with to a computer and log . http://www.innovatemotorsports…manual/SCG-1%20Manual.pdf install instructions

    @Bill from Hahn RaceCraft sorry just noticed your responses price wise I’m not to sure because I’m still waiting to hear back from fab factory they had called me but thought I was in the market for an intake manifold for a bmw. I believe their online price is 1400.00 if you could produce one before them I’ll send over my information but as of now nothing yet. Ok goin to be finishing up some tuning soon on a stand-alone and I want a better manifold. So still very interested hopefully they will be available soon. Gloss black to be precise. Also if u did it in black will the Hahn logo be in white ?

    Warranties Changed from dealer to dealer some dealers offered 2 year unlimited some offered other plans but extended warranty is something anyone should be able to buy Polaris sent out flyers about it I also purchased my extended warranty about 14 months after purchase date I actually purchased my extended warranty as my angle drive was being replaced. As to what will be voided because of turbo or supercharger definitely the motor if it blows Polaris isn’t that dumb they know your aren’t goin to blow a stock motor.but I’m running a turbo and they did my angle drive. But my dealer won’t send Polaris pictures of my engine bay. If u aren’t happy with ur dealer find another

    I come from a state that has strict gun laws and I’m pro gun and for the second amendment but I think when these laws were originally written I don’t think they could mentally grasp that these type of weapons would once sure if fully automatic weapons existed at the time our founding fathers would probably have written that amendment a little different then what is it today. everyone should have the right to bear arms but I don’t believe anyone needs enough fire power to wipe out a small army. Theres gotta be a limit.theres gotta be more regulation just think if any of these people were your relatives would it change your perspective ? And I get it guns don’t kill people stupid people with guns kill people. But something has to be done I mean who knows what could possibly be the next massacre.sad thing is it’s goin to happen again not that anyone wants it to except for the sick people out there like this guy from Vegas. But how many massacres have to happen before something is changed

    Running Alpha top mount with side exit and I can tell You I can hear everything mainly my turbo spooling but this turbo is also a lot more efficient it’s a dual bearing not journal .im running green and yellow spring which should give me about 12 psi but with some creep I’ll see mid 13’s. I run with just a filter at the turbo if I add piping for air filter it takes a lot of spooling sound away but runs a lot quieter then I ever expected it too. Go Alpha top mount in my opinion I personally don’t care for the compressor sound that comes off the superchargers the top mount pulls just like a super charger.this turbo setup just wants to keep pulling my problem now are I need more rpms and fuel system will be working on fuel system this fall/winter.