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    I use Viking Spit brand oil.
    Great stuff. Dirty Pirate Hooker is the one I love.

    CAUTION: do not show the following picture of my beard to your wives if you value your marriage.

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    check out Nine Line Apparel also.
    Nine Line Apparel

    They are local here in Savannah, but have grown to be known all over.
    Other thank being a great group of people, they give back. They started the Nine Line Foundation, which Builds homes for handicapped veterans.

    Here ya go. Link to the same ones I Amazon.


    JDM TS Sport Style , Made Of Mircofiber Fabic , Approximate size : Width 21" / Depth 21" / Height 36"

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    Well, I won't be able to meet you guys at the track. My wife tore her rotator cuff and is has an appointment with the surgeon on monday to talk about her surgery on the 19th.
    But, If you guys are meeting up for dinner or something, I can meet up then.

    also, if you are looking for something fun to do sunday night, check out the Lighted Christmas Parade downtown. it's always a fun event!
    Savannah's Lighted Christmas Parade - The Savannah Waterfront Association

    I wish. Won't be making it this year. I'll be recovering from surgery and drooling over all the pics everyone is posting.

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    @Joker256Would you mind recommending 1 or 2 hotels that would work for us.
    I will give them a call and try and set something up
    I am not at all familiar with the area

    Residence Inn by Marriott Savannah Airport
    Address: 900 Towne Center Blvd, Pooler, GA 31322
    Phone: (912) 988-1433
    (within walking distance of food and bars, and large parking lot)

    DoubleTree by Hilton Savannah Airport
    50 Y. Johnson Hagins Dr, Savannah, GA 31408
    Phone: (912) 965-9595
    (large parking lot)

    Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Savannah Airport, GA
    Address: 21 Y. Johnson Hagins Dr, Savannah, GA 31408
    Phone: (912) 966-1717

    If you need more help, let me know!

    Any of the hotels at the Savannah Airport are nice. Basically, those hotels and a few of the Pooler hotels are extremely close to each other. The airport hotels are on one side of I95, the Pooler hotels are ov the other. I just would stay away from the ones on HWY 80 in Pooler. That's one exit south.. They are mostly older and the parking is much tighter. However, they tend to be a little cheaper.
    The Staybridge Suites, Double Tree, etc are all very nice. The Double Tree has the most parking as well as the Marriott Renaissance in Pooler.
    The Renaissance is within walking distance to great food and bars.

    If anyone has a question about hotels or anything in the area, let me know.

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    If everything is stable, the neck brace for a few weeks and ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation if she's able to take it. MRI would show if any nerve involvement as well as exam. I'm guessing other than pain and possible weakness she is showing no signs of neurological deficits or they probably would have kept her in the hospital. It may look bad but I have seen a lot worse. She really was lucky even though she may not feel much like it right now. I'd definitely recommend physical therapy when she is able. Without doing exams it's hard to say exactly but from what little I see I think she will recover well. Avoid surgery unless it is absolutely needed.

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    Thanks! I appreciate the insight!

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    So sorry for your wife's injuries. Glad she's not feeling worse. From the looks of the X-ray she has had some previous injuries to her neck. Could have been from years ago. The lipping and spurring present on the anterior portion of C4-C6 has been there awhile. There is also a great deal of disc degeneration between those same vertebrae. Not completely sure without seeing the film up close but with the calcification present around the fractured area it may be an old fracture that was re aggravated in the accident. It also looks like the anterior/inferior (beak)portion of C4 was fractured probably from the head being thrown forward. It's amazing she is not in worse pain. Lord was watching over her.

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    Thanks for the info! She had her CT yesterday. Won't get the results until Thursday though.
    What would normally by done in a situation like this?

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    Thursday night my wife was driving home from work. After being stopped a few cars back at a red light, she happened to look in the rear view mirror and saw headlights coming up quickly. The next thing she remembers is a jarring impact. Someone had run into the back of her car.
    She gets out of the car to check The damage and The young girl who hit her gets out of her car and says, "I'm so sorry. I was on my phone. I didn't see you"
    I met them at the accident site and asked my wife if she was ok. She said she was ok, but really sore and stiff. She thought she just needed to rest and she'd be ok. So, we went home.
    Well, the next morning, she didn't feel any better, so, we went and got her checked out.
    The xrays showed the results.
    A fracture of the C5 vertebrae.
    So, now she's in a collar until we get her CT scan today and learn the extent of the damage and what had to be done to repair it.
    All this because someone thought that something on their phone was more important than paying attention to the road.
    My wife was lucky that it wasn't worse.
    Please, stay off your phone while driving. It's not worth someone else's life or your own. Nothing on your phone is that important any it can't wait.

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    Glad you and your family are safe
    Hope there was nothing too valuable in that shed[/quote]

    Thank you.
    We expected the flooding and moved all of the valuable thinks out earlier in the week.

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    Well, the worst is over here. Only light rain left.
    Lots of flooding.
    The back yard is flooded as well as the shed.
    But safe.

    Ventured out to survey the local damage. Lots of flooding and no power, but we faired much better than a lot of areas.

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    We are feeling the northeast side of the storm now. The eye is about an hour drive southwest of us. High winds and lots of rain. Several tornados reported in the area. But, we are ok so far.
    Can't imagine what you guys south of us went through.

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