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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thank you, it's a consideration and a starting price. I guess she actually premeditated this. Evidently she asked a neighborhood body shop but they had no clue. If they cannot put it into their estimate software (make, model, etc) they are lost. She said that if we got some pricing he would see if he could do it for that. ???? Weird.

    Mama, out of the blue, asked me to ask the gurus a question. She was watching some of the footage and said "there's too many red ones, which one is us?" So..... Mama wants to know what range everyone is paying to have the Slings painted. She is wanting an old signature color we used back in the day, just a GM metallic with clear coat. We will be leaving the trim black. So for a basic 2 part (paint and clear) paint job, what are we in for? $3k? $5k? Less? More? @Painter?

    Thanks all!

    Trying to find a source for plastic wiring sleeve (sheath) and coming up empty. Does anyone have a source? I can find split loom but I want a cleaner, more professional look.

    Thanks all!

    Wife wondered how likely it was that the passenger would get burned on the Laker style pipes. I thought it was a real possibility. Any feedback on that? We ended up adding a Welter baffle to our old style Alpha side exhaust to remedy the drone and it worked to get home but she is still eyeballing the side pipes, go figure.

    I understand what lights up. The general rule is Amber from the grill to the middle of the vehicle and red from the middle back to the last inch. Since it will be so far back, I don't think anyone would say anything about it even it is visible from the front. I mean that's hardly your fault is it? :P:D

    Red facing the rear should be no issue obviously, and I would think with it physically being behind the seat that no one would say anything even if part of it could be seen from the front. YMMV

    Thanks guys. Let me back up here. Retired LEO. I realize that I can't go down the road with it on, never said that I was planning to. I still have much better lighting to get into trouble with if I wanted that. This was for static display only (car shows, etc). Just asking if anyone had done it and if so, how? I'll just order some cheap light strips and tinker.....

    Saw a Sling that someone had added LED lighting to the windshield so that the edges were lit in a matching color (red). Looked nice and seemed like it would be a inexpensive, easy add-on. Has anyone done this? It looked like the lighting for the rear Wind restrictors.

    You can buy the Slingmods mount as mentioned or for $40 a member sells a relocation kit that works well. It brings the seat forward enough that the passenger can recline the seat back. My wife loves it!