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    Since you are coming from a Blade(what I have) can you tell me whether you get more or less air to the face.

    Can you ride with a hat on without it wanting to fly away?

    I dug out my old Kromer Cap from 30 years ago when I did factory work. Looks like its been really abused after all these years but it stays on in the wind and when Semi Trucks pass. I keep seeing the advertisement for the WindResistor, does anyone have one and do they work as advertised?

    Wish I had a video of my wife trying to put on her poncho while heading down the highway at 60 mph. She managed to fight it on just before the rain hit really hard.

    So I had the break sensor in my Slingshot replaced today. The Tech says my battery needs replaced "sooner than later" because there are Power Steering Fault Codes due to battery failure evident. Question, go with the stock replacement or bite the bullet for a Yellow Top and Tray for a 2016? I probably will not add much as far as Underglow or additional lighting and plan to keep the stock radio.

    haha, I JUST got done fixing this same issue. Small adjustment, quick trip around the block, small adjustment, quick trip around the block, and on and on. 6 different adjustments later, I finally got it right.

    Mine was like that when I picked it up from the dealer. Their solution was to pull the steering wheel and align it back straight. Seems the factory was in a tad of a hurry to get them out the soor.

    Lots of the guys have had problems … Slingshot wiring has a mind of it's own. The guys at have helped a bunch.

    Finally got them working. Chris from Slingmods sent me this module. I tapped the blue wire from the module into the yellow from the fog light/turn signal and it works as it should. Chris is the man! Was a long journey to an easy fix.

    Did you use your stock blinker wires for the trigger of the relay, or for the power input? The point of the relay is to not draw full current, but turn it on and pull power from elsewhere.

    I used the Plug N' Play OEM Blinker & Running Light Power Integration Harness

    and the Fog Light Relay Harness Kit. The Fog lights, (red wire and black wire was tied to that Fog Light Harness). I tapped the yellow wire for the turn signals to the Blinker and Running Light Harness yellow wire. Everything works fine as long as the engine is not running. At that time I start the engine, the left turn signal works as does the fog light but the right will flash once very fast then lock the dash indicator light both turn signals until i start it again. I'm at a loss as to where to put the relay in the system. I would like the option of turning the fog lights off since I haven't had it out at night and don't know how bright they are. Seems the simple 3 wire setup is not simple.

    I wish I remembered!

    Like wokka said, try Erica's method or ask rabtech ...he helped me with mine and whatever thread it was, I believe has a picture...

    Erica sent me a drawing but I am confused as to where to tap the hot lead from the turn signal. I am convinced either I'm getting dumber or this stuff is getting harder.

    I bought them on ebay... Long time ago, so can't access the link, but here's the title description. And yes, using the fog light kit from slingmods would work for constant on, but if you want them like blinkers, you need relay to tap into factory blinkers.


    Is there any way you can post a simple diagram of how you wired the relay? I'm old school, if it flashed to fast you put in a heavy duty relay. I'm confused as to how to wire the relay into the system.

    Thanks in advance

    I’ve encountered a weird problem and looking for some input and help. I’ve installed a set of led fog lights with a turn signal wire. With the engine not running, both turn signals work fine. With the engine running, the left turn signal works but the right kicks the indicator light into solid green but no signal lights. Same with the hazard lights. Engine off works, engine on no lights but the indicator light stays solid green. Wiring harness is Slingmods Fog light harness. Turn signals are tied into the wire that goes to the signal. Any ideas as to what might be going on?

    I got my Slingshot last October. Both my wife and I noticed a lot of cold air hitting us in the outside shoulder while riding. It was much worse on the side to the prevailing wind. Baker Air Wings solved the problem and makes for a more enjoyable ride in colder weather. I think it is a welcome addition.