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    Don't know about everyone here but for me i'm real tired of paying for what my great great granddaddy might or

    might not have done. When is enough enough?

    wjfyfe Im with you on this i turn off the ESP switch any time the roads are wet.

    I'm not sure if this is the wright thing to do,but if i get put off into a ditch in a rain storm i want to know it was my

    Fault not my Sling putting on the brakes on its own.

    We have used the Welter Sidekick exhaust for the Supercharger and the Turbo setups. It works really well for both, really looking forward to getting one of the new Thermal exhausts from Slingmods to check with the supercharger to see how it does though, as for the price I think it would be a good option if it flows well.

    You are talking about the 2 inch pipe on the SideKick?

    I thought i was done buying things for my Slingshot but i can't live with this 1320 muffler,it to loud.

    Don't know what to get now that i put on the DDM Supercharger and have the wicked hitch trailer hitch.

    That stops me from using some of the rear exit ones.

    Was looking at the new one that SlingMods is selling but that has the CAT. Need some help please!

    Starting to think about what we need to carry with us to Maggie.

    For you that have been there before is the temp ok most of the time for shorts, or long paints.

    We all know the limits on storage in the Slingshot.

    53 Here this morning they say its going to get to 70 today!

    But this is Oklahoma and we are going to have ice on the roads Friday morning.

    Any way this is the first time i have got to drive my Slingshot after installing my Supercharger.

    I have to say all you guys and gals on here that said i wouldn't be disappointed was a understatement.

    I never take off work in the middle of the week but i cant wait till 5:30 to ride today.

    Told the boss me was a sick boy!;)

    Well i don't disagree with any thing you posted here as far it being tough on the average worker.

    That being said i work from 5:00 to 5:30 ever day and 8.5 hours on Saturdays every week to earn

    the money i bring home. Been at the same job sense 1972. I didn't post here to brag on what i make,

    Just that i found it funny that the government gave me this tax break only to take it all back at the end of the year.

    Well last year when the tax law changed, my bring home went up 93.00 dollars a week.

    After doing my taxes this year it took all of that and a little more to pay what i owed.

    Hell i figure i broke even! (OR NOT)

    I think you might be referring to just painting over a black tub , which yah, the texture is so fine on that you could start building up with a good hi fill primer or other, I just thought those pods look like they have just had an aftermarket rattle can texture spray added to the f/g base, by the time you add enough hi fill material to that coarse of a materiel , your going to end up with a lot of material build up and just looking for problems with solvent pop, sinkage, etc, The safest bet would probably be to knock it off first.

    Thanks for the advice, will try the sanding and see what I can do.

    Wife and I are also staying at Jonathan Creek, glad to see many of you staying there. First time to Maggie Valley looking forward to it for sure.

    Well me and my mouse are not getting along this morning! Was wondering if any of you that are staying at Jonathan Creek can tell me if there is any place to park a 14 foot trailer there on site safely ?