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    I would definitely go with the R to get the manual transmission. Seems like the factory does the ECU flash to get it from 175 to 205 HP. Since this model is so new, its gonna take some time for all the good folks around here to develop enough after market parts to empty your wallet.

    That's not a bad thing. Put some miles on, learn where the new bike's limits are (and yours as well.) It's a different skill set than driving a car or a bike! And beware of riding in wet weather!

    Don't know where you are, but if you make it to Oklahoma, southern Missouri, or northwest Arkansas, give me a shout, many folks here would be happy to go riding with you!

    -- Doc

    Older Jaguars are surprisingly affordable, but they are kind of thin on the ground - you're probably going to have to be willing to travel several hundred miles to get what you want. We added on a 5-yr extended warranty ($100 deductible, full mechanical coverage), added about 5K to the cost, but as expensive as these cars are to fix, I figure we'll make out okay there.

    The XK also went out of production in 2015, that makes 'em a bit more reasonable, too. The XK was replaced by the F-type, super sexy car, but more of a sports job where the XK is more a GT touring machine.

    The XK is also a 2+2, not a true 2-seater like the F-type. This makes it cheaper to insure by a significant amount. Just to be clear, you couldn't fit a double amputee midget back there, maybe some groceries, a backpack, or a purse, but nothing else.

    Most of all, the Captain loves it, that's all that matters to me! 8)

    '09 XK-R convertible with Supercharged 5.0 L.

    Sticker: $109,000

    Christmas '19: they asked $25, we gave 'em $22.

    Best used car deal I ever made!

    Makes the $7k I saved by buying my Hyundai as a demo car look like peanuts!

    All that said, I did buy Ruby brand new. (2019 SLR)

    Obviously no riding today!

    Got up to go to work, walked the dogs, checked the driveway & said "Nope!!"

    Everything glazed over with 1/8" coating of ice!

    The town some 800 feet below is probably just wet, but no practical way to get down the hill safely.

    Tell her to work on her draw and point...

    She won't need the 13 round spray-and-pray mag.

    There's few things worse than needing 8 rounds to finish the job when you have only 7.

    As a cop pal of mine likes to say about magazines...

    Two = one

    And one = none!

    I almost pre-ordered and I almost ordered again this week through Ammoland. I'm going to hold out until I can get the optic ready OSP model. You know, for my wife. :)

    But if I get one for my wife... I'm gonna need two!

    And a new shell for my Alien Gear holster...

    And two red dot optics...

    And maybe a larger Urban Carry holster...

    And a couple extra magazines...

    And a couple extra boxes of 9mm, you know, to get proficient with the new gun...

    And.... 🤩😜

    Helmets not required in Arkansas...

    I DO wear one when I'm on the freeway, cause a lug nut to the ole dome at 75 mph can ruin your whole day.

    On the other hand, I ALWAYS wear high-impact eye protection; you've only got one pair, and I've seen someone lose an eye before... twice! Not something I want to experience.

    I was doing a search for DIY spoiler/wing and came across this article that does a good job of explaining the differences between a spoiler and a wing -

    This is brilliant! I've never seen an article that shows these ideas so clearly. Frankly, I didn't know the difference between the two, either, but it all makes sense.

    Could we get an effective spoiler for the slingshot? I'm not sure now. The sling has nothing like the cabin shape of a sedan. I'd be interested to see some laminar flow diagrams or wind tunnel smoke tests.

    We also have primarily 91 octane around northwest Arkansas. You can find 93, but not easily enough to run it regularly. My 2019 SLR with ZZP tune runs great.

    From photos in the reviews, it appears the left side steering wheel controls are all about the audio: volume, mute, switching tracks. The right side is cruise control (no more fragile turn signal switches) and a "page control" for the digital display in the center. The red button has a slingshot logo, I'm assuming this is for the drive modes.

    You can see the photo much better in the article here.…gshot-first-drive-review/

    This is gonna look GREAT in Ruby's dash!

    I appreciate the implied criticism of 'straight ticket' voters.

    First, that this implies that a strength of conviction (on either side of the political spectrum) is some sort of character flaw.

    Second, from the intensity and breadth of these criticisms, I'm sure we can rest assured that the critics vote 'cross ticket' for Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

    I invite y'all to let us know how & when you 'crossed the aisle'.

    -- mostly Republican -- proud to have worked for, met, & voted for Ronald Reagan

    -- supported JFK (too young to vote then)

    -- voted for Jesse Jackson (primary), Paul Simon (governor), Ross Perot (president), John Anderson (primary)