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    Tlaib calls for $20-an-hour minimum wage: 'I can't allow people to be living off tips'…r-20-an-hour-minimum-wage

    DAMN !!! If the Dems go much higher I may flip a few burgers myself :00008172::00008172:

    That's more than a starting teacher, cop, firefighter makes, and not too far off what I was hired at when I took my current job at the University... except that I had to have a PhD and 10+ years experience even to apply.

    "Minimum" my ass!

    I am so tempted to do this but when I asked around locally the consensus was not to lubricate the belt. Why is this? Belt slippage? Dirt attraction? I would love to use a silicone lubricant but I am hesitant since most people you ask say it's a no no for drive belts. A polaris dealership mechanic when asked recommended dabbing some grease on the pulley contacts. Common sense tells me it will attract dirt over time.

    "Dry" or silicone lube does not attract dirt. Eases the natural side-to-side motion of the belt over the sprocket as you accelerate & decelerate. Keeping belt clean also eases this motion.

    Dirt between belt & sprocket causes noise AND wear. Dry lubricants also decrease wear.

    I have been doing this for 8500 miles, no tendency I can see of dry lube attracting dirt. Give if a try one time.

    - remove belt guard

    - clean belt with hot water, good dish soap, stiff nylon brush, rinse thoroughly & allow to dry (you need to move the sling a few feet as you wash, rinse, and as it dries.)

    - once clean and dry, spray with dry lube & give it 15-20 min for carrier solvent to flash off.

    Take a ride & see what you think. I found the results VERY dramatic.

    Conolidine is a plant alkaloid, non-opiate pain reliever. It does have side effects similar to morphine. Not clear at this time if it has addictive properties. Has not been studied clinically in human trials that I could find, but has been subjected to animal testing, primarily with mice. Not currently regulated by the FDA, not sure if I would trust it myself. Recommend you use it with caution and talk about it with your doctor.

    Yeah.... I'd enter a drawing to win one, maybe even buy a $50 raffle ticket; but short of that or winning the Lotto *real* big, I'ma never gonna drive one.

    Still, I can drool & dream just fine!

    Amazon (and presumably other sellers) carries adjustable beam led headlight bulbs. Here's a link to a specific type -…Adjustable/dp/B07GKPR452/. Just search for adjustable beam led headlight bulb and insert H3 or H9, as appropriate.

    Here's a pic from the listing -


    I've been thinking about trying these since the adjustability should hopefully allow adjustment for max light down-road.

    Very interested in seeing how these do for you!

    That turned out pretty rad! I'd like to see a few shots of this from a distance. When you visit... link me to the product and come lend a hand. :D

    Happy to do that!

    All the links to product & how-to videos are at the bottom of the post. 8o If you are coming to Eureka Springs, we could do a job there.

    Great 1 afternoon project, and if you do all the planning and measuring before hand, having a few beers in the garage won't ruin the job! :D

    Here's a couple good shots of Ruby strutting her new stripes!

    I got photos back from a pal after we spent the day applying vinyl wrap stripes to Ruby. I used Vivid vinyl wrap and 3M knifeless tape for the job, thought some here might be interested in the technique. After careful planning of what the design would look like - I used a graphics program to do a digital design on top of a photo first - I planned out the length of each stripe and made a paper template to show me the positions where the tape would be cut.

    After planning, the first step was to wash and dry the surface, then wipe down thoroughly with rubbing alcohol - I used the 91% kind for better stripping action. This removed all traces of the regular polish that I use and insured the surface was clean.

    I used a sharpie marker to mark points where my design began and ended, then applied the knifeless tape. The tape is easy to apply and follows contours and curves well. Be sure to leave 6-inches past the each end of the design and use a soft cloth to press the tape down thoroughly along its length.

    Notice that I put the tape down along its length first, then applied tape that would cut the ends of the stripes on top. This way, the ends of the stripes would all be cut first - and then the individual stripes would be cut out. This insured that the ends were all consistent and even.

    You can see that the tape along the curved edge of the hood follows the curve nicely. For the inner edge, I marked two points equidistant from the fold for an even inner edge. I had originally planned to have the stripes go all the way into the crease of the hood, but working the vinyl in that confined space proved impractical, so I cut the stripes off about 2 inches from the crease.

    The next step was to apply the vinyl...

    Getting the vinyl down smoothly took several tries, and Doug and I had our hands full - that's why there are no photos of the actual application! I watched several how-to videos from a youtube site called C K Wraps that were a great help!

    With the vinyl smoothed down and bubble free, it was time to pull the tape. Believe it or not, getting the tape started was the hardest part! Videos from 3M were a blessing. With a little practice, things got easier. If you do this yourself, remember to hold down the edge of the vinyl as you snap up on the string. Once the cut is started, everything proceeds smoothly. For this application, I pulled away the waste vinyl, then pulled away the tape residue from under the wrap and smoothed down the edges with a squeegee. A heat gun was helpful in smoothing some of the edges.

    With all the stripes cut and a final seal and buff with the heat gun, the design was finished!

    Hope this is helpful if you are thinking of doing vinyl wrap designs yourself! Let me know if you have questions!


    Vivid vinyl Wrap on Amazon

    3M Knifeless Tape on Amazon (50 meter roll) Yes, you're gonna need plenty! LoL!

    C K Wraps - Racing Stripes

    Knifeless Tape Tutorial

    And what the hell does that have to do with a photo of a 2019 SLR next to a 1930 Ford?

    We have a vinyl decal cutter at the University, but I haven't used it.

    I would check with printing shops in your area. Two decals that size shouldn't be THAT expensive to print.

    The problem with helmet law sites is that many states have different rules for the 'Autocycle' - and 44 states now recognize the autocycle and have separate legal code for it. =O

    I regularly clean with dish soap in hot water using an old, long-handled vegetable brush. I also take off the belt guard to make this easier and clean the belt sprocket, too.

    After all is dry, I lube with Liquid Wrench silicone lube. Consider it part of your monthly maintenance - every 1000 miles, anyway. Little problem with noise after that.

    Lived in Kissimmee FL in 2004. Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne went thru. 7 to 10 days with no power for each of them. Thought my days on earth had ended when Charley went right over the house. Scariest thing I have experienced.

    Enough. Moved back to Iowa in 2005. Give me a good old 20 below blizzard any day!!!

    I escaped from California after 30 years and three 7+ quakes. Give me a good tornado any day. Tornadoes don't arrive without warning, and if you're paying attention, you can run away or hide in the basement.

    I would also like a top that folded.... but I'm cost sensitive, so that may not be in the cards for me.

    What about a canvas piece that would cover sides & rear for better protection in windy, wet, cold weather. (Thinking about winter hats with fold down ear flaps!) 🤠

    Racing stripes would be an excellent option as well!

    Actually I would be much more interested in seeing a race between a Slingshot and a Miata, both straight line and a road course. from a MSRP point of view this would seem much more reasonable

    Someone did that about a year ago. They came down for the Miata, pretty clear that they were very biased for the 4 wheels, two doors, trunk, and roof platform.

    I did the same evaluation with the Captain last summer - our verdict has 3 wheels... 🤠