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    Went with an 8.5x20 Enclosed Cargo trailer. Plenty of room for the SS and I'm still going to do a Toy Hauler conversion myself. Already bought windows and access doors and I haven't even picked up the trailer yet. Check out this guy on YouTube - he's done almost EXACTLY what I plan on doing.

    I spoke with Capt Van @ SlingThings ALLOT, but my budget vs timeline just didn't let it happen this time. However, if things change, he will be the first guy I go to again - he really is that good.

    Thanks All,

    Yep, Macaw's trailer is one of the things I've been looking at. Heck, that's where I found out about Race Ramps!

    And I'm going to give a GREAT shout out Capt Van and SlingThings. He and I have been discussing/emailing back and forth about my desires and requirements. I don't know which way I will go yet, but I certainly appreciate all the help he has provided.

    But I'm still back to my original question: HOW IN THE HECK DID YOU GET A SLINGSHOT INTO A 32" ABOVEGROUND TRAILER?


    Yep, thanks all.

    Yes, original request was based upon wanting to go camping and take the SS.

    • Looked at driving SS and towing a small camper. Cost of hitch and a small enough camper was in the $2-4K range. But I don't want to "rough" it too much. No tents - I've been doing that for a while now and hate the set up and ESPECIALLY the tear down and clean up after.
    • Looked at Class A/B/C RVs and an open trailer to haul the SS - again, way out of my price range. And surprisingly, most small class Cs can only tow 3500 lbs which would be right at the limit for a SS on open trailer. Don't want a big Class A because it's just 2 of us now. I don't want a camper that can sleep 10+ people. (I saw a Class A at the RV show last year that said: "Entertains 6, Feeds 4, Sleeps 2" - that's my kind of camper!)
    • Looked and emailed Capt Van and ATG. LOVE their trailer. But by the time it was all decked out to my specs, the pricing would be WAY up there again. Prob over the price of a small new Toy Hauler too as the base price was right at the entry point to my entire budget for completed trailer.
    • MOST Toy Haulers are big monstrosities to carry dirt bikes, dune buggies, ATVs, etc, pulled by a 5th wheel SuperDuty/F350/Diesel/etc that I just don't have (or want).
    • The smaller conventional Toy Haulers can be towed by a normal 1/2T truck. I was looking at used ones mostly as the price can be 1/2 within just 3 yrs old or so. But that's where the deck height is a problem. Most of them are close to waist height, so even at 32" ABG, that calculates to a 14 ft ramp. Yes, you can lift the tongue, put boards or race ramps out there, etc
      • Which is what I was trying to find out: How people did this?
    • Last option is to find a conventional cargo /car hauler trailer and convert it into a camper. I can do allot of the work myself, saving money and just doing it as I need (adding electrical, plumbing, cabinets, etc). I have found a great video of a guy who has done just that (there are lots that have done it, but this guy did exactly what I am looking at doing), so I've got a local trailer dealer giving me a quote on a 8.5x20 cargo, 7' roof height, 2x5000lb axles, etc. and adding 24x40 emergency exit windows on each side. My planned budget is $12-15K to complete so that's right in range.

    Thanks Everyone,

    I've been looking at different options to be able to CAMP and TOW slingshot. Since my truck is paid for, I'ld like to keep it instead of starting off with a new $60-$80K tow rig, because well, truthfully, money IS an object. That leaves me to the small conventional toy haulers (under 30 ft). The problem with this is that the rear garage is just so high off the ground that you can't get the SS up the ramp and over into the trailer without bottoming out. It's the same issue with people with Harleys so I even stopped at 2 motorcycle dealerships to see if they had any recommendations (they didn't - the Harley guy says their bikes can make it. I YouTube'd it - Nope.)

    So, some people on here have those Toy Haulers. How did you get the SS into the TH garage? Per the ramp calculator, you would need a ramp 14 feet long to get up 32".

    Yes, I searched. And I read lots and Lots and LOTS of posts, including ALL of the 37 pages of the trailer thread. And I checked the other site too. And did the same thing there. And I even googled.

    But how does a SS get INTO a regular toy hauler?

    I know that there are THs that have large enough garages. And that there are ramp extenders between Dove Tails, Beaver Tails, Race Ramps, etc. But based upon the calculations, you would need a ramp 14 ft long to get into a trailer that is 32" above ground like almost EVERY SINGLE TOY HAULER.

    So how do you do it?

    I've looked at the Work and Plays. But even they are going to higher floor (you have to find an older one to get one close to 16" above ground). The VRVs seem to be discontinued. The Livin Lite Quick Silvers just stopped production in June 2018.

    I really want some way to go camping and bring the SS with me. At this point, it looks like the only thing I can do is buy an enclosed cargo trailer and convert it myself. That's the last resort on the list to do.

    I was thinking of putting a ride together for October time frame (cool enough to drive without getting burnt). I did a trip a couple months ago going from Austin thru Dripping Springs to Luckenbach, then back through Blanco and Hamilton Pool. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    Like to put it together again, but lots going on in Oct - 1st 2 weekends are ACL, then 3rd weekend is F1 race. That leaves weekend of Oct 27-28.

    Anyone interested? Got a preferred date?

    but this was a pain in the ass

    the most time consuming part of the whole turbo install is pulling the oil pan to drill the 13/16'' threaded adapter fitting in for the turbine oil return line. it uses a basic Oring seal and allows for 100% cleaning of all the filings. But far simpler in my opinion, than drilling and tapping the block .

    So, I saw the post on the ZZP turbo kits. And I'm really thinking about this.

    But how easy really is the install for a garage mechanic? You say 5 hrs - but was that 4 professional guys with all kinds of specialized tools and lifts? Or was that 1 guy with basic wrenches/sockets and a 6 pack in his garage?

    I mean, I know enough about working on engines to know that there are things I don't want to do on engines. I would trust a mechanic to do better than I could (and I do have a really good mechanic . . . . and I'm not letting anyone know who he is so that he doesn't get so busy he can't work for me...).

    So on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being F-1 Mechanics building engines from bailing wire and toothpicks, how hard is this install?

    I did notice a LITTLE vibration in the fender that wasn't there before. Again, not really lifting/flapping like I've seen some of them do, just a vibration along the outer edge. I may find some way to put a cushion out there anyways.