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    Speakers look really good chavey2

    From experience, you will need something to help with the glare on your head-unit.

    Yep, I agree. I was hoping that the addition of the roof would help. I still have the Scosche mounting kit with it's visor that I thought I might try to rig up to the front of this stereo too.

    This particular unit has the capacitive touchscreen (as opposed to the resistive touchscreen of the previous model. Hoping that helps too.

    Got the Stereo installed. AND IT ROX!! LEDs light up if volume is loud enough (it's always loud enough!) F'n P.I.T.A. from cheap wiring I bought off of Amazon. I spent more time making and remaking the harness, both from my stupidity but more from the fact that the cheap axx wire kept breaking on me. I had 1 connection that broke 3 times. And let's not talk about all the proprietary connectors on everything. I had to redo every wire connection except the RCA's. Even the purchased Scosche harness from Slingmods! I'm debating about yanking it all and redoing it - but will probably wait until I do all the LEDs too. Going Blue since that is the 3rd Stormtrooper color.

    Take all of the white marking tape off while you are at it.

    Can you believe this is 11 hrs of work???? Started at 8:30am, finished at 7:30pm. Didn't eat all day or even drink enough. 2 trips to Autozone and 1 to Best Buy. Really need to make a trip to Fry's Electronics. I've had to remake that wire harness 3 times, some due to my stupidity, some due to bad components from Autozone/Amazon. (Don't buy the Boss Audio Amplifier connection kit - it is absolute KRAP - the solder wouldn't even hold to the wire or connectors.)

    Oh, and here's my entry for "Strange things found in your Slingshot". I don't own any Apple stuff. And I'm the first owner of this SS.

    Could do that. But we all just did the Three Sisters last month at the Kerrville GTG (SSITHC). In fact, I did it twice: once in the group and once by myself - 1 hr 35 mins for all 100 miles. Not fast because I didn't know the road and it is REALLY rough, but good enough for a 1st time.

    Yeah, as I think about it, this automatic transmission/engine in other cars are all front wheel drive (Chevy Cruse, Buick Regal, etc). The Pontiac Solstice was the only one with rear drive (that I know of, but I could be wrong).

    With a new powerplant and maintaining rear wheel drive why not an inline CVT Vs. customary inline auto-box?

    Personally I like the set up they have now. To go to Front wheel drive would end up being a whole new vehicle. They could introduce a second line of SS's.

    Do I hear logistics nightmare?

    If you got one of the original Club Slingshot magazines, they actually talked about they originally planned on it being a front wheel drive vehicle. They even built one for testing. The driving dynamics of it were just too terrible though so they had to switch to the rear drive.

    Considering this 2.4L GM Ecotec is also in other vehicles with automatics, it shouldn't be that hard to change over. But again, from what I'm told, it does put it over that magic weight limit as-is so they would have to do some other redesigning. But someone could do it themselves pretty easily after purchase.

    I installed the DNX995S head unit and LOVE IT ~> you're going to love the Kenwood! 8):thumbup:

    Be sure to waterproof it! I'm in the process of the final fit-up for my removable waterproof cover (it'll be done before I head up to Maggie on Tuesday). If you're mounting it with the Nav Atlas, this could work for you too. I'll share the details of how it's made when I return.

    Yep, I had Kenwood before and loved it (back when I ran IASCA in the early 90's - Did I just age myself?) I'm in discussions with someone about a waterproof cover but I'll let him finish up before I spill those beans.

    That's a promise! Give me time to eat my taco bell lunch and then I'm on it!

    I always keep my promises. Even if you don't want me to.

    Mirror Before with me so you can see it really is my mirror.

    Then Mirror after. Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of the mirror itself! This was the best one out of almost a dozen taken. Oh, and I also added a curved spot mirror (from Autozone) to help with those blind spots.

    And while I was at it, I just added just a small little detail to the back that just really makes it pop (IMHO).

    Sounds good. Put it together and let us know.

    We did a similar run to Luckenbach last year. We actually went out through Dripping Springs on Fitzhugh Road to Fredericksburg. That's a fun ride - including a wet creek crossing! Some of the San Antonio folks met up with us in DS and even took us on a detour on Crabapple (??) Road that was really fun.

    Okay, been holding off on replying. But, Yes, the SS holds up VERY WELL in a crash. As most of you know, I totaled (not my fault) my 1st SS in Dec 2015 - just 3 months after getting it. You can read the thread on the other site here: Batmobile is totalled. But the SS did it's job an protected it's passengers VERY WELL. I was so impressed with how it performed that I was not hesitant at all at getting a second (and now a third) SS. The below pic looks better than it really was because they just placed the hood back on top of the engine area. It was completely detached and down about 100 ft from where I ended up.

    Hey rabtech and Slopoke, does it count as "today's mod" if I haven't done it yet? This is this weekend's plan - last box just arrived minutes ago. I'm gonna have lots of cardboard to get rid off too.

    Let's play Find Waldo. Here's the list of stuff. You find it in the picture:

    • Stereo
    • Amplifier
    • Dash Cam
    • Front and Rear Cams (yes, 3 separate cams)
    • Front speaker pods
    • Rear speaker pods
    • Amp Wiring kit
    • Head unit mount
    • Head unit wiring kit
    • 4 Speakers
    • Mesh Wind Restrictor
    • 5000 Watt Inverter (Not going in the sling, going in the trailer for the sling)
    • Cell Phone mount
    • 2 Access doors (Again, for the trailer, not sling)
    • Front upper and lower brow LED lights
    • Oh, and 2 decals that say "Objects in Mirror are LOSING!"

    Did the cemetery tour yesterday. Putting flowers on friends and relatives. Around 100 miles, so we're up to a whopping 300 now.

    REALLY noticed the annoying high pitched WHINE at times. Sure hope that goes away.

    And if it's not the belt whine, it's the angle drive gears. Give them 1500 miles then change the rear drive oil. You'll see lots of metallic particles in it the first time (Gears meshing into each other providing final machining.)

    Just wanted to say Thanks to jamesgn , @DarkAngel, @Louie (??), and whoever the other SS was. We ended up having 5 slings show up and I'm pretty sure we sold a couple more because everyone was looking at them. (I'm told some people even sat in mine without me knowing . . . (sigh) . . . .) Stayed around for an hour or so with the SS's parked up front (while all the motorcycles were relegated to the side) so everyone could see.

    We then went out for dinner at Chuy's Lamar for tacos, enchilada's, fajita's, and more. Great time all.

    And can you believe, I forgot to get ANY pics. I know others did so here's hoping they post some pics up.