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    It's not so much corporate greed as political corruption and and incompetence. Capitalism only works if everyone plays by the rules. China does not yet for some reason the US and Canada give them preferential treatment on trade.

    I think you have an issue with the current brand of globalism not capitalism. Western countries have abundant workplace safety regulations, fair compensation, and great environmental protection laws. We then compete against third world economies which have none of these. Our governments have sold us out and provide free access of products that should be heavily taxed to equalize the playing field. That is not capitalism. It only become capitalist if all the players play by the same rules. China is not a capitalist country, so how can we compete?

    Even more sad that there are people that think asking someone to investigate corruption is wrong because it might personally benefit someone. By that standard every DA is suspect. Furthermore every trade deal, tax break, and policy change he makes that improves the economy, benefits him personally as it makes him more electable. How anyone can expect any President to live up to this strange standard is mind boggling.

    There was nothing wrong with the phone call, AND Trump had every right and responsibility to ensure corruption is rooted out. By the way, defense lawyers often offer multiple defenses, I have seen quite a few cases where one defense was offered followed by an "or in the alternative".

    As pointed out above, you have not accurately reflected what transpired or what people actually said or did. However I can't help but think that Trump (not a professional politician) is being held to a standard that the previous administration was not. For example if you feel his phone call was inappropriate and criminal in nature, how can you fault him for thinking it would be acceptable after witnessing Biden publicly boast of with holding aid to obtain a desired result? What about the previous administration working together with Russia, Ukraine, UK and Italy to undermine the election and illegally investigate the newly elected president? Surely that would have given Trump the impression that this sort of thing was normal in Washington?

    I have a 2016.5 when I first received the SS I drove it infrequently and for short trips (no more than an hour). After a couple weeks the battery was completely dead. I had a power cable beside the driver seat, so I thought I would recharge through the cable. Nothing. I took off the battery panel and charged directly through the battery. I also found that the power cable was not attached at the positive lead. I ran a battery trickle charger periodically after that.

    Then a year later my battery died. As I was charging through the power cord I noticed an arc. The power cable had no sheathing on it and it had worn through the insulation and was arcing on the seat frame. This had killed the battery. I next pulled the power cable, replaced it with a new one, and ran it through a proper sheath into the passenger compartment. This year i have not had the battery discharge, and I run the trickle charger monthly.

    Witnesses were called, 18 of them in the house. It was televised too. Approximately 28,000 documents were also sourced. The issue is, should the Senate have also heard the same witnesses, or called more. Since the house did a half assed job of indictment, it really was not up to the senate to help them out. I think the senate gave this more time than they really should have.

    Thats why I want to use this cockpit cover because of that fact that it takes up a little space to store it...... Now the only thing is where are the cuts on the back .......

    Extend the line of the roll bars out to the end of the cover. Start from the inside of each roll bar and cut to the outside of the cover.

    I put a buckle at the outside edge of the roll bar and another at the edge of the cover. I am going to add some velcro tape to the center of the cut line roll bar to edge to hold the flaps together better.

    I see the cut in the front and the snap/buckle at the bottom , are you using Velcro or zippers in the front and rear....

    I used velcro and a buckle on the front, and buckles only on the back, but will be adding some velcro tabs on the rear too as it flaps around alot. The cover still fits in it's original bag and that goes in next to the passenger seat.

    It isn't really that difficult. The front is cut at centre and made to clear the centre post on the roof. The rear two cuts extend from the inside edge of the roll bars to the outside of the cover. The cover actually has a bit of a gusset at the outside end of the roll bar so it is easy to locate. It is a little harder to orient the cut from there into the interior of the cover where the roll bars are. My cuts ended up a little off angle but work fine.

    I am sure I could get another one done. You can mark our your cuts, or I can trace mine (they were not perfect). Cost was about $120Cdn though so with shipping etc, you might not consider it a great deal.

    Yes there should be a couple wings in your kit. I am not sure they actually do anything, but I had them painted to add some contrast as my wife loves the red accents.

    Also I was the guy that converted the cockpit cover after installing the roof. I went to a marine/awning custom shop and had them cut and finish the slits. Then I had them install some velcro strips and plastic buckles so that I could close the cover up around the windshield pillar and roll bars.

    6' 3" here and I have to wear a helmet. I cannot sit under a slingshade and found most tops either too low over my head or come to far down into my field of view. I ended up selecting the Stingray after trying it out. It has the added advantage of being able to be opened/closed while you are driving. This is very handy when conditions change, or the sun gets low on the horizon and you are driving on the highway.

    I got the same recall notice e-mail yesterday, and I still haven't been able to get T-19-1 done. Every time I call my local dealer they tell me they still haven't gotten the parts from Polaris.

    My dealer called and reported the parts were there waiting for me. Unfortunately roads will be covered in snow and ice for the next 4 months or so.

    I never really rode a motorcycle until I got this one, a Swiss friend got a deal on a couple and I figured why not. It is a 1953 Condor A580. I have spent more time fixing it than riding, but it is unusual and fun.

    My wife is the real biker, and has been riding for almost 50 years, but her eyes are not what they once were, so we decided that the SS was the way ahead.