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    My 4 yr old Grandson was over on the weekend. He had seen the SS but not in the garage. He looks in teh garage and goes what is that!! I tell him it is a Polaris Slingshot. I tell him to hope in and he does. He looks at me and says " If I had my weed wacker I could really get some work done". Then he asks if it will go on rocks? He was disappointed when I said no.

    I made the assumption that with the broken crate and the way the one front arm was bouncing up and down that is what twisted. Considering how much flex the SS has that could be a factor also. Never thought of that though.

    The top is on. First thing I noticed when the top was delivered was a cardboard pad on top of the crate. The driver removed it before bringing the crate to the end of the trailer. When he got the crate to the end of the trailer I noticed the crate was broken. I looked the top over carefully and did not find anything wrong. No paint chipped or scratched and the canvas top was undamaged. I accepted the delivery. After we unpacked the crate the fun began. The frame was no longer square. We had a heck of a time getting all the holes to line up. With a lot of grunt work and 2 teenagers we got the top on. It looks good and the color match is great.

    Well it looks like plans changed. I was suppose to get the SS top between the 13 and 20th of July. It will be here tomorrow. My nephews kids were coming over to help clean up a downed willow tree. Not any more. The SS top should be on tomorrow afternoon. Neither kid has ever worked on any thing car related so this should be a new experience for them.

    We ordered a Bullet Speed V-Back Design Roof top. It should be here buy the end of the month. The Wif likes the idea. Ever since she had chemo a few years ago she has been sensitive to direct sun light.

    A storm came through and snapped a old willow tree off 10 ft up in the air. A pole saw and a chain saw along with 6 hrs work cleared the drive way. I still have to pick up small stick, limbs and leaves. I did use the front end loader to push some of the bigger stuff off to the side. My nephews sons are off on summer vacation and need something to do. I will have them come over next week to help with the splitting of the bigger stuff and help make wood chips with the rest.

    I had a 03 GMC Duramax. I installed a turbo temp gauge. The way I did it I drilled a hole in the exhaust manifold with the engine running to blow out the chips from the drill. I am drilling away and I see the back of the drill is wobbling all over the place. My thought process was Wow the drill knows how to dance to music. Something click and I pulled my head out from the wheel well. I set up against the truck and everything was wobbling.

    We have decided to get a top for the SS. We have a F4 +5 windshield. I seem to remember reading somewhere there were interference problems with the tops frame work. Help me out here. What top had the problems, and how was the windshield trimmed back out of the way?

    I put 100 miles on the SS today. Everything is fine except. I put the Canadian headlights on last fall before the factory head light fix. I left the wiring for the recall to be done. I just back from some dark driving and found out that the Canadian light Hi beams cut out after about 5-6 miles. When that happens the Canadianlights go dark. As soon as I go back to low beams everything works. I am assuming this is a thermal issue. With the 6 head lights on low beam I can see the deer on the side of the rode or crossing in front of me and that is what I want. I will have to figure out what is going on with the Canadian hi beams though.

    It was nice getting back in the SS again.

    Just got the call from the dealer. All the recals are done come and get your Slingshot. Looks like today and tomorrow will be good weather. Time to put on the miles. :D