Offers: Wanted: Looking for an ECM for a 2015 Slingshot

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    Just found out today from the dealer that my ECU is dead. They don’t know why. No codes. No electrical shorts. Just dead. Looking for a used one for a reasonable price. ;(

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  • Guardian_Angel -

    Just my own experience with a previous GM dead ECU.....
    I had a dead ecu replaced with a used ecu off an exact same make and model vehicle. Paid over $600 for it, btw.. I was told it would be a new one. I could not get the vehicle to crank in the dealership service departments parking lot.... walked back in and they used a obd to clear a code but wouldnt tell me what code it was.... said a sevice guy forgot to clear a code that it would work now... got in and it cranked up. Drove it home-parked.... next day for work... same thing. Wouldnt crank. For the next 6 months i spent 15 minutes at least- turning the key over to start, and back off, and repeated until whatever the ECU was looking for before starting the engine was found. Very frustrating. Took it back to dealership 3 more times to get them to fix it, they told me it wasnt the ECU, now it was that the entire wiring system- needed to be rewired. (Service department manager seen me walking to their front door......"Here comes a female guys! Bet we can empty her wallet!").
    Long story short, I had an "anti theft smart key" that was programmed along with the original ecu. Once the dealership replaced with the used ecu, my key threw a "miscommunication with ECU error" each time I tried to crank the car. Eventually if i tried it long enough, it made the right connections.
    Went to a different service department, they explained I got ripped off. That my ECU was not new, and that ECU's are made "blank" and then programmed to a specific VIN#, that it was possibly to find a used one that might accept/work with a different VIN#, but the likelihood of finding one that didnt cause similar type communication problems was slim. I will not ever consider a used ECU replacment. Purchase a new one.
    Just my two cents. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.