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  • Storming right now. I am going to add two more LED strip lights to the playroom. Found a shadow and two more to get ride of the shadows while working. Watching Trump, bought a new Trump cap today, one that I did not have and another flag.

    • This rain is killing me. I have 22 windows I need to get installed before I can go to Maggie - Now it is going to rain thru next weekend. I missed the Trump rally I was on my tractor trying to put my yard back. Every storm we get is a mega thunder storm with a shit ton of heavy rain - this is wearing me out.

    • Trump is still on 8 PM.

    • I am still in the Playroom. Do not know what Brenda is watching, probably the same thing thing.

  • I will bring the worn out SS

    • Any SS you pilot will get worn out!

  • June 1 1 PM Be there

    • That is a Monday

      Will do my best - let you know sometime next week

  • Not wishing you anything bad, BUT GOOD

  • Good Morning Sir.

    • Hey brother good morning!

      Since I am not getting much in the way of interest on the sling I will give the post another few days then take it down.

      Looks like you guys are stuck with me for a while!

  • Happy Belated Birthday.

    • Thank you sir...hope you are feeling better as well!

  • Mitch, sorry, it's so late. Happy Birthday to you

  • I'm late but Happy Birthday to you.

  • Mitch, what motel is everyone staying at for Track Day

    • Tom

      I am not home at the moment but if I recall it was a raddison. It is in the thread

      If you can't find it reach out to me monday the paperwork is on my desk at home

  • Good Morning We are on the way to watch Disney on Ice at 11 am. Just Shelby and I

    • Enjoy!

    • Brenda still has about 4 weeks until she can try walking again. I remember if I told you they had to pin the bone in her leg because it had split.

    • I hope she is feeling better. I dropped on my Sling with Dave yesterday to do some tweaking then came up to the cabin to clean up leaves and branches from the last storm. Heading to China Tuesday

  • Good Morning Sir. It has been a blast and I have lead the Ind. crew around for 4 days. The two quads had a ball learning how to drive them and each spent about half their time behind me. Harv also by his own admission had a ball driving the fastest he had ever been and followed Painter most of the time because Painter's quad was easy for him to follow with his one good eye

    • Glad you had a good time. Kills me to miss this - but as soon as I sort thru all the shit life has tossed at me I will head back up that way

      Be safe

  • A little one on one time

    • I can't I am in Atlanta the weekend before then Chicago


  • Everything is good. I will probably go to the Bristol area a few days early, waiting to see if anyone wants to join in. I go and do the middle section of those loops.

    • I can't get there until Thursday the earliest

  • You called this morning?

    • Yep

      Just making sure all was good

  • I was riding this morning and just got back from the dentist in Surfside

    • Hate the Dentist except for the very cute very young lady that cleans my teeth.

      Bristol is not far away - if the stars align correctly I will be there Thursday

  • Good Morning

    • Hey - why aren't you out riding?

      I just called into work and said I have a doctors appointment, going to go for a ride before the rain rolls in. So far everything looks good for Bristol can't wait to get there.

  • I will find something to cover it up, not as big as Price's if you saw the picture he posted

  • Sat around all day today kind of letting this thing heal over but will be riding tomorrow. Beside it was hurting like hell this morning.

    • Glad you are feeling better. Just be careful no to go out to soon

  • I tried to call Bobby, the Chinese hacker is back about 30 minutes ago

    • I will reach out to him

  • Mommy talks and!

  • Looks Like That Does Not Work Either. The Boss Call's The Shots!!

  • I cannot find anyone that wants to play.

    • You should start a new thread "Who is Retired and has nothing to do but RIDE?"

  • Well SHIT, you want to ride then?

    • No then I have to go back to work....

  • Bristol tomorrow?

    • Won't have my sling back until Monday

  • Fixed your brakes yet?

    • Yes I think so. Did the ABS brake bleed with digital wrench

      Got air out of all 3 wheels - go figure

  • I was out in the shop until late last night then loaded up the wife and dog to head to the mountain house.

  • Where the hell is everyone at tonight? There has been nothing going on for over 5 hours.

  • Has Your snow melted yet? We had a high of around 60 degrees. I have not even cranked the Sling up today. Just waiting for 11 April.

    • We don't have any snow but the weather is similar to yours - barley into the 50's - It has to break soon

  • quick question for you sir, where did you get your rear spoiler/wing? and deck mounted. I have the slingshade so I cant mount to the roll hoops. I need to deck mount it.

    • Happy to help - I got it back in 2015 at Berts Mega Mall in California. I haven't been to their site in a while but last time I was there you had to call for a lot of the Slingshot Accessories that were not listed.

      Good luck