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  • Where is Lecanto, FL?? We are going to Tampa 3 weeks right after Biketoberfest in Panama City. Love to smoke a Cohiba and sip fine Kentucky bourbon with ya discussing the finer points of the law!! lol

  • Thanks, it was not me, but sounds like a great idea. I will definitely check out Florida Slingshot cruisers on the web. Now off to cruise the roads for the next couple of hours. Heading out Friday morning to CycleSprings in Clearwater to get more mods installed. Loving this ride!

  • Reese, Gail and I road the Most Curvy Road in Florida and stopped to eat at Pecks. We talked with Jenifer and she told us of one other SS that comes in all the time. Gave rides to some of the girls. Is this you. We would love you to join our Florida Slingshot Cruisers and share ride events with us. We are in Gainesville and have members in Ocala.