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  • I thought you were already on my list, but that was before changed to this system. You have always been cool.

  • Sir... You following me?? :) I am officially "COOL" now. lol

  • Gerald, Please reconsider your decision...

  • it is up to you

  • Happy birthday buddy! I haven't been around the forum much lately. Been laying low for a while. Just working my tail off with basically 2 1/2 jobs. Hope all is good for you and the Mrs. Still riding the Sling any day the weather is right. Getting ready to redo the suspension. DDM coils, sway bar and end links. Putting Hawk pads on tomorrow and a LED underglow kit.

    • Something must be paying good. I was over in your hood Wed. Everything is pretty easy except that top bolt on the rear shock. Get you a punch to help line up and a floor jack. Do not forget that you screw the cylinder in on the rear pads (Clockwise) while appling a LITTLE pressure. Also measure how high your Sling is from the ground. If the shocks are to far off you will have to a new alignment. Come over here if you want, just give me a call

    • Got a little cleaning hustle going that's bringing in good play money this season so it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labors. Thanks for the advice I'll holler if I need help.

    • does that caliper have a Groove in it like most rear brakes with a e brake on them? I have one of those tools it's like a cube that you put on the end of a socket wrench to turn those things in.

  • Yes, I put 175 miles on the SS yesterday. Brenda has been in N.Y. since last Thurs. I have to pick her up on I-95 in Florence late this afternoon

  • Happy Birthday you Old Fart, keep the wheels and pedal down and hold on.

  • Happy Birthday young man I hope you’ve had a great day...!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Airoutlaw and I are saving a seat for you in Arkansas...

    • To Late Now, I am going to see if anyone is going up to Maggie Valley this weekend.

    • you continue to break our heart Gerald.... :( Have fun enjoy and be safe sir!

    • I hope everyone has a fun and safe event. RIDE SAFE AND WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER DRIVER

  • Happy birthday Ya old Fart, hope you have a great day.

  • The first alignment was in Piedmont, Performance (True Trac). the second was about 40,000 miles later by Alpha in Maggie last year (Polaris). Then the wreck and supposed to be Mall of Georgia Polaris alignment was not done correctly. The last was at my dealership in Murrel's Inlet/Polaris. I was the first and they learned on my SS and they know that I am picky and also know how to do just about anything on the SS. They even listen when I talk about anything Slingshot. Polaris sent all of their dealerships the laser alignment equipment. I hope this helps

    • Thx bro. See ya in Maggie Valley. I am still hoping someone will be doing alignments at SSITS.

  • Are you saying that the Polaris Dealership in Waynesville did your Alignment on your SS? Looking at their website,they did not list SS alignments in their service department.

  • May I take the time to thank you for your article on rear axle removal and greasing the bearings. My inner axle nut came loose, started making a racket back there. Got a new torque wrench, tightened everything up as you recommended. tonight will be removal, inspection and grease job. Do you think anyone out there would be interested in gauge and sensor installations? I have installed a EGT 0-1500*f, CYL head temp,vacuum Hg. 30-0 and air intake (dual) in the hole where the radio goes. (base model) Just a thought. Thanks again, Tom.

  • Do you want my spot

  • Where have you been all day, I even went to Welter and she took pictures for you. I have been on the fairgrounds about all day. Maybe see you tomorrow afternoon. call me 843 543 5213 Gerald

  • I will be at SSITS tomorrow and hopefully be able to find you to discuss the Welter dual exhaust and Assault fender issue. I am staying at the Comfort Inn. I winden the Assault fender bracket and now able to move it towar the middle and see if it will work based on the fact that Jeff said he could move the exhaust back toward the plastic to give more room. We are going to talk tomorrow.

  • I will get some more info today,

  • I am interested in the blue and white one my phone 219 363 8281

    • The SlingShot has 200 miles on it and no recalls. $22,900 It is also listed on Craig's list. If you are serious about it I will get the phone number

  • I am glad I could help, they told me that you had already gone back to Ct.

  • Good Afternoon,I meet you Wednesday when I just bought the slingshot and now I am home in CT and my wife loves it
    Thank you letting me know about this site

    • If you look around on here the CT. people have their own thread. I met another gentleman and his wife this morning that were also from Ct. but they did not bring their SS. They were looking at my SS and wanted information so I gave them an Info Forum Card also. I will let you know when he sends me a message

  • Question my friend: If I am able to widen the Assault fender bracket and move it over to the middle of the swingarm and mount it to the middle of the Assault fender (will have to drill a new hole) do you believe it will work with the Welter Dual Exhaust? Moving it all the way to the right will probably result in a lot less support to the fender but leaving it in the middle should be OK.

    By the way, I posted this message on the conversation menu as well.

  • Truly my honor to have met "you" at Clarksville, as well. Hope everything is finally going your way with you and Brenda. You two are always in our prayers!!!!! See ya' in Maggie!!!!!

  • We have been talking about this for the last year, I have a copy of the last change in my glove box. But as far as a couple of months ago the helmet is still required, but it looks like in some areas it is not enforced. I got the copy from Josh he said the helmet was not required but found out later it still is. If I remember correctly it was something about not having air bags

  • Funcycle, are helmets required in the Slingshot in North Carolina? I`m getting different answers.

  • Good luck

  • Thanks for being concerned about my well being. In a different life I was an ASE CERTIFIED mechanic in vehicle electronics, as well as steering, suspension and brakes. Not the same voltage, I know, but I have a healthy respect for electricity all the same. I've had a somewhat similar experience with a blower that wouldn't stop running, but the was gas fired not electric. In that case it was a limit switch that was bad. It was just blowing cold air. In this case, the air is the temperature that the thermostat is set at. Tomorrow I will check the limit switches for continuity. I'm doing for the night. Thanks again for your concern.

  • I am wanting to make a Fla. trip next summer, will see what happens.

  • I hope you are doing well and we get to ride brother

  • We have had about 6 inches of rain so far. The actual eye is about 120 miles away right now. A little bit of wind right now.