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  • Where is our buddy at, I have not heard anything from him or Vera?

    • I had dinner with John and Velma Monday night. He told me that he has not been on the forum lately. I will let him know that he needs to get back on the forum. They will both be in Clarksville is April.

  • Looks like Florence is headed your way way. Thoughts and prayers Tom... be safe!

    • Looks like Florence is turning away. We will still get some wind and rain, but it is looking better for us.

      Thanks for thinking about us down here in SE Virgina Larry
      Looking forward to Clarksville.

    • Heard that on the radio today it turned in, has to be a big relief We've been doing air charters coming out of Cobb and Gwinett county Georgia for D-Max, they cranked them up today I imagine trying to get as many parts out as they can before weather hits. Y'all take care... cya in a couple weeks!

  • I will not be able to make it this year. Family weekend every Labor Day and I do not want to upset the entire family not being there.

  • Sure hope it works out and your able to make it out to Stockport.

    • We have a family get together every Labor Day weekend. But I will try.

    • I understand. Initially we were going to plan this for next year, then decided it wasn't too late to try to get it in this year. Unfortunately we were up against limited dates at Stockport Inn.
      Did I give you a business card? if so it has my e-mail, if ya want, shoot me an e-mail, I'll send ya an Excel file with info... planned rides, links and such for you to look over. We'll have more flexibility next year to get dates that work better for everyone.

  • No. I do not sign up for any of the group rides. We do our own rides everyday. Believe me you will have a blast with our crew. We stop for lunch and plenty of sight seeing and photos.

  • Maggie Valley - Do you sign up for any of the rides?

  • Thanks for the invite. I am busy tomorrow though. I have to spend some time with the wife. I have been busy with my DJ Business the last 8 weeks and no time with her. I should be free next weekend.

    • We are thinking about a trip to a Vineyard near Clarksville, Va next weekend. We will stay in touch when plan is finalized .

      Maggie Valley next year May 26 thru June 3 is a must do trip. Slingshot in the Smokies 2018.

  • Thank you Bubblehead.

  • Happy Birthday Buddy....

  • Was a pleasure to meet you !!!

    • Pleasure meeting you also. We all need to go for a ride soon.