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  • I only live 4 miles north on hwy 23 at Holiday Island,. I'm available most of the time.

  • I'm new to slingshot forum. I have a Carmax cover and I don't think it will fit with a top. it fits the slingshot like a glove. Your more them welcome to try it if you wish. moonetoons

    • That was the other guy needing the cover. I had the POLARIS cover for travel.

  • ES is about the people, it will be a blast.

    • Do you know if anything is going on Wed? I can't find any info on itinerary the link goes to the rockies meet. If Wed is just meet and greet I will drive up Wed morning if there is events going on I will come up Tuesday night.

    • Not that I know of. In the past the rides were scheduled for Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

  • Not formally. Will not do it for Ivor.
    With that being said, a group of us will head out each day, you are welcome to ride with along.

    • I guess we had a change of command? I hope they don't screw up a good thing. I have no idea who Ivor is but still ready for a good time.

  • You should have those Header adapters made and sell them , think you would sell a few.

  • Thanks

  • I made a post a while back, here is the link I bought everything off Ebay.

    Duel Side pipes

  • Can you send me some pictures of inside your engine compartment and how you ran the pipes. Thanks paul@mybackporch dot US

    • Did the pics on the link above not show enough?

    • Was great thanks , will be working on mine soon