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  • I am doing very well, thanks for asking. I still have bouts of nausea with the immunotherapy, still fatigue easily but all is good. I am so looking forward to making the event in the Smokie Mountains this May. I went last year without the sling just one week after my first chemo treatment.

    I will be scheduled for scans to see if we are still dormant the end of this month or beginning of next and plan which direction we will need to go.

    Now you need to get out there a post some pictures of your rides. I love looking at them and living vicariously through your adventures.

    Chat with you later,


  • So how are you holding up Rob? Hope your treatments are going well and you too! Wishing you good health and weather and lots of seat time!

  • Rob - hope you are feeling and doing better! All the best to you and a quick recovery!

    God Bless! :)

    • Thank you for you thoughts and concerns sir. I just had a treatment Wednesday and this is my "bad" day. We will be rescanning me the end of the month to see what this is doing to the tumors and will figure out which path to follow for the treatments.

    • With you on this - my Dad went through this ( Hell ) and beat it. I am sure you will too!

  • k... we've been on the fence, figured I'd check in with you to help make our decision. Think we'll be sitting it out as well.

  • No we are going to sit this one out. I'm kinda busy that time of the year.

  • Y'all going to Ozarks in September?

  • Larry I could use them. My speakers started popping while we were up there.

    • I think I gave you my card, has my e-mail address, shoot me your mailing address and I'll get 'em out to ya.

    • Larry I cant find your card. I will PM you my address on here. Look up near the top of the page and you will see Your Name, Notifications, CONVERSATIONS and Friends. You will see that you have 1 conversation that is from me. Click on it.

  • Rob have my stock speakers, tweeters, pods, is there anything you need? For some reason I was thinking you could use a pod or something. Have some blue speakers grills too. Should have asked ya before you left Maggie.

  • happy birthday

  • Thanks brother.

  • Have a Happy Birthday and a safe journey home! We already miss you two!!!

  • Two more days sir and my other half will be saying it again in our slingshot.

    • Congrats. I know y'all will enjoy. I sent you a PM also.

  • Happy Birthday Rob

  • Bill that sounds good. Either day is good. Let me know when you would like to go. How's that for an answer kinda like a woman huh? My phone number is 337 263-7326 it's my cell so it is with me 24/7.

  • Rob - we are finally back in town - looks like beautiful weather this weekend - love to meet ya and go for a ride

  • Hey Rob - we been on road for last month. Going to Panama City to Biketoberfest on the 19th then to Florida for my friends annual Toy Run. Will be back mid Nov and we will hook up for some rides then

    • Sounds good. Have fun. I have only been to one biketoberfest in Daytona. Lots of fun. But rode back home in one day . What a long haul.

  • Well hello Bill. I got mine right before Memorial Day. I got it over in Beaumont. Sad to say I haven't rode it all that much because every time I did it would storm on me. lol When its not raining it is 6000 * outside. Where and when do you ride yours? Does your wife partake in these activities?
    There is going to be a Run with the Nuns charity ride later this month. I would always try to ride my motorcycle in one of them. Now I don't have a bike so I thought I would register for this ride.
    But lets get together for a ride.

  • Hello!! I am in Lake Charles!! When did you get your Sling? Love to hook up for a ride