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  • Happy Birthday ! Sure wish you would join us at Roebling Road December 16

    You would have a Blast ! 250.00 to run as hard as you like in a controlled 2.2 mile track environment. This is not racing and there is no passing unless you wave the person benind you around ..Angie would have a blast with it too...

    • Thanks bud! Had a good day.

      Speed is what the wallet can afford. Don't need a track for that.

      Thanks for that invite.

  • Happy Birthday Steve, take the day off and enjoy

    • I did and Angela let me. Was a good day.

      Stay young EJ

  • Steve hope you and Angie have a GREAT DAY....

  • Happy birthday young man.

    • Thanks feller.

      Young man?

      That Chinese guy in here again.

  • Did you figure it out yet?

  • A big guy from Indiana that had just got a new paint job, I think

  • You keep late hours

    • Gotta... she always comes home the next day.

      What keeps you going?

  • Yep, hate it. Sitting grand tent for raffle drawing of you still M Valley

  • Sorry I missed this until today..

  • Love yards. Sleep interupted... power truck just drove thru here

  • Well, it's gone now. Wind blowing and power is out. Oh, and guess who is awake?

  • Found me an Easter egg right here ---->

  • Nice Slingshot! Would your wife mind if you were to give me a ride?

    • Are you talkin about my ride or my banana hammock?

    • Woah! 5150 buddy.... not without dinner first!
      I like bananas.....