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  • I was wondering if it is too late to get an extended warranty for my slingshot. According to the dealer near me I can't get the Polaris extended warranty because mine ran out on Nov 13, 2017. Only has 1160 or so miles. I got it about a month ago Vin #57XAAPFA2G5111129. Not sure about the extended warranty but if has not been driven enough to get all the gremlins to come to the surface yet. Just wondering, thanks for your help.

    • Unfortunately, if it is past the factory warranty period, it will not be eligible for an extended warranty. However we do have some options for aftermarket extended warranties that are a decent price through our dealerships. Give Chelsea a call at (810) 648 -3510 during our business hours this week and let her know Zach sent you. We are open from 8am - 5:30 PM EST.

    • Zach, your people, it appears, have been able to help me out. Chelsea contacted another gentleman who contacted me a it looks like he is working with Polaris to get me an exemption so I can get the Polaris extended factory warranty. Just wanted to say thank you and your people for helping out. I have never bought an extended warranty but with so few miles and issues I have read about I just felt I would feel better with some coverage. Again, thank you and your folks

    • Hey don't mention it. If we didn't help out all of our customers, we wouldn't have any :). Happy to hear that Chelsea was able to get you to the right people. Don't hesitate to reach out to me or our sales team if you ever need anything!