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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for replying to me post:

    "hello from the Sarnia area. I have had my sling since 2016 and have had no issues with insurance or licensing it. I must be out of the lingo loop cause I have no idea what you mean by TWV and WHV. Yes you only need a G licence and yes they are on a 10 yr project but I cant see them not allowing them to continue as there has been no issues that I am aware of and if the government did do something they would have to grandfather the ones already on the road. Welcome to the group"

    I am still having problems with finding insurance company which would insure a three-wheeled vehicle with a G class licence. Perhaps you can suggest one for me? Which one are you using?


  • gooseman - I'm new & not sure how to PM. You posted a long time ago that you may have a digital copy of the service manual. Is there a way for me to get one? Thanks, Tom

  • How was the lobster. Hope you have a great bday

  • What brand lift is it that you have? Is there a website? Thanks!