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  • I saw you ended up getting one of the rear spoilers. Do you have any thoughts? Are there plans to bring in a few more?

    • What he said! That spoiler is bitchin'.

    • I’m working on it! I’ll let you know

    • Sweet... What are they made off I believe on one post it was mentioned Carbon fiber but your look painted black from the pics. Could just be the lighting?

  • Hey DKF! How can I get in touch with the DFW peeps? Thanks!

  • Hey Doll - we are gonna be in Houston all weekend long! Let me know if work permits a weekend ride.

  • At your convenience, please share the info with us of the photographer riding the Harley sporting the chrome dome. He worked hard that day. And thanks in advance.

  • what quadrant you at in TX? Close to the ArkLaTex??

  • Hey I was a member long before a mod!!!

    • DKF,

      Hi, We live in Georgetown and are planning a run up to DFW to go to Babes for the best fried chicken in TEXAS.

      We would love to meet up with some of your group and BS, eat and have a good Slingshot time. We are trying to get some of the Austin group, VOS, and Heart of TX to ride also, (that chicken is soo damn good!

      If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let us know. We would love to meet some of you and did I mention eat some chicken.

      Thanks James

  • Loving this - good to see you DKF Texas

  • What up baby!!!

  • Woot woot! Heya DKF Texas !!!

    • I am figuring out where things are still....Woohoo!!!

  • There's my guys!!!!

  • DKF!!!

  • Are you a spy? lol