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  • Where are you Doc

  • Hey Doc you in Greenville

  • Hi Doc, I'm Capt Van with SlingThing custom trailers. We may be able to work with you and build the trailer you need, all we build is custom all aluminum trailers. We are in Ocala Fl. but I live in Punta Gorda. Check out my website and give me a call.
    slinthingtrailers dot com

    • I looked at your site, but it looks like the width will still be a problem for me.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding Doc I was on a vacation. Can you give me your outside dimensions? Could you send them to me at my email? or give me a call 352-817-9353. I build custom trailers to your specifications, I'd be glad to work with you.
      Capt. Van

    • I'm up in Punta Gorda and could meet with you and show you our soon as I get another demo lol. Seems as soon as I build one for myself someone buys it.

  • Hi Street Doc,
    I am Scootertrash (Don Grayson) from Indy snowbirding in N Ft Myers. Be here till May.
    (317) 373-3556 call me if you want to go for a ride. There is another SS down the street from me.

    • Hello Don. I blew my motor last month and expect DDM to have my new one installed by the middle of January. I'd definitely like to get together for ride then. Alan Drescher (239) 272-2607