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  • Hello fellow Canuck. Colake eh. Dat's where all the fast jets are. They where flying Voodoo's, Tutors and 104' when I was in. Served in Greenwood NS 1972-1980. Argus VP 404-405 SQDN. Miss the roar of those 3350's some times. Moved to Fl. in 1984. Never been back. Got into the sling thing last year, 2017 base model. How many months a year do you get to pilot your sling around? From what I remember you have 9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sledding, smile.

  • I'm in just give me a call.

  • How is it going buddy?? I know it's gotta be cooler where you are - freakin burning up down here. Ride a little at nite dodging critters just so I can say I rode. Going up to Michigan in Sept after Eureka Springs rally. Might be only relief in sight. Sure a nice lookin fish ya posted there!!

    • Hey Bill Yes actually a little cooler on temps than lately. We've been getting rain though and it's really helped with controlling the fires. Have not ridden in 2 1/2 weeks due to getting a new top installed on boat and rain. That's an ok fish "Thank you" but I also provided a fishing charter in my off time while in the military and after I retired so I know how to hold 'em. Take care bud!!

  • Hey Bill Yes everything is crazy here. 54 for the high and overcast today and the fire is blazing directly above us 150 miles away. The good news if you could say that is, it's moving east. So unless we get some due north winds we should be ok.

  • That has GOT to be a first - in the 90's way up there and in the 70's here. I gather that you are outta danger of the fire now right?

  • Yes this is a type of fire that has not been seen before. Temps in the 90's a wind is not helping.

  • After you told me it was 182 miles away I wasn't worried but DAMN - it has grown to plumb scary

  • Ah, not quite sure on that. We've talked about a plan just in the event. I'm not going to be caught with my dick out.Appreciate the thought.

  • Hey Bro - just keep hearing about that monster fire. No way it will get to you right???

  • It's 182 miles North as the crow flies from us. We have more evacuees coming in today since they've made a total evac order. Looks like a hell of a mess and mean while we're setting record temperatures. Another 90f + here today and no sign of rain. Could be a very smokey summer. Take care Bill

  • Hey Bro - that big fire ain't close to you is it??? My Canadian geography ain't to sporty.