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  • Picked it up yesterday. In an out Cranston DMV 15mins. Awesome so much fun. It's like your a celebrity everyone wants to take pictures an know what it is.

  • How did you make out slinging it,??????

  • All set. What a blast. Went to Newport.

  • Sitting in Middletown branch for over 2 hour now.

  • Let me know how you make out tomorrow. I'm going Tuesday

  • Going to try for Monday

  • Thanks, was taking Monday off to go.

  • I called Walter today he told me Tuesday. He said it might take a day to put it in the system. Don't want to see you go down there for nothing.

  • Yes, Bud or Walter

  • Is it Walter

  • Yes, Monday for sure. I originally met in person with the administrator of the registry and have been in touch by email ever sent.

  • Is it for real this time ???

  • Black base model for the extra money i can get better wheels,radio,an wrap it in any color prob for the same price as the sl. I never got my money back from my original purchase a month and a half ago I told mom's to keep it in limbo so I don't have to go back to moms an purchase one again. I still have all my DMV paperwork an the DMV gave me a 90 day pass to go to the front of the line so as soon as I get the call I'm going.

  • What color you getting?

  • Just need governor to sign. My rep says he will call me to let me know when I can go to the DMV.