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  • Happy Birthday young man.

    • Thank you my friend! I'm a tad late, as usual! Hey, I made it to Bristol! (late....)

  • Good morning Sir

    • Good morning! Although I didn't see this until the NEXT morning! :)

  • Just wanted to reach out again and say thank you for the recommendation on the redline. Went for a two hour ride today and I am astounded how quiet the angle drive is now. Next oil change I think I’m going to do it again just because . 😎

    • You are quite welcome! Many swear by Mobil 1 (I use their synthetic in the engine) and others by Royal Purple or Amsoil. I know from the Harley techs in my local shop, that Amsoil does "stain" the aluminum if it sits for awhile on the aluminum. May not hurt anything, but I just didn't really want that. I've tried the others, with about the same result as the stock Polaris stuff. Someone else had posted about using the Redline, and I've used it in muscle cars of times past. I too was amazed at how much quieter the angle drive is. I can preach it in any thread, but until someone uses it, it's just words like someone that promotes their favorite. I'm glad you are happy with it! I've come to change mine once a season, usually 12k miles or so.

  • Brent, I lurk on the site most days, and I know that you are particular about what you put on your sling. I want the gauge combination are are thinking about also. I am leaning toward the Glowshift gauges because of the color combinations, even though they aren;t waterproof like Autometer. Anyway, I came to the "wall" to keep posted on what you decide to do on your install. I am going to mount mine where the radio is now, in a cluster of some kind with 2-1/16 size gauges. You can disregard this if you keep an update on the "mod posts". Thanks for being a regular poster and a knowledgeable member. Kirk

    • Hey Kirk! I was looking at the Summit gauges, they were what I wanted due to the look being similar to the Slingshot gauges. However, I don't like moisture in the gauge face, and those aren't marine grade. I looked at VDO, but based on price they likely aren't as good as the Autometer. To be honest, from what I've seen, if a product is worthy and of good quality, it will bring sales at a premium cost similar to others. The VDO are about 25-30% less than the Autometer gauges. I'm going with the 2 1/16", just because there is little space in the Slingshot to mount. I considered the pods, and mounting them on the windshield brace area, but have (for now, unless I change my mind) decided to go with the three gauge cluster from Autometer. I was going to make one, at first out of aluminum, then changed my direction to aluminum for the mount and a composite for the housing (a fibrous board that we use at my shop) but I would have had more cost in it than this. I found the Autometer on Amazon for around $76, and thought I would spray it with UV clearcoat before the install. I haven't ordered gauges yet. I'll message you with pics, I don't think I can attach them here.

    • If you didn't see, I just posted pics of the gauges in the "What was today's Sling mod" or whatever the name is. I didn't have time, finally did and had some issues. Minor, but was a setback every time. I have the working (finally) and can help with anything you need or questions you have. PM me, or quote me, quickest way to reach me unless you PM me here and get my phone number. I'm good with returning on that...

      And I'd go with the gauge you like. My marine gauges fog also... but overall I'm happy with the end result!

  • Goats_Hogs:
    I bought my 2015 with 8,800 miles on it. I drove it home and 3 days later I had a new tire installed.
    So ?? I have no idea how long the rear tire last under normal use, but now that I have put a few thousand miles on it I would say 10,000 or so could easily be an average.

    Thanks for your reply

    • All good, but I didn't mention anything other than a poke at Rabtech. I see you haven't been on this forum long, so welcome! Rabtech is the one that set up this cyberspace for us to land in. He also is putting out well over 500 HP to the rear tire, and is on his 3rd engine. I got 9750 out of my original tire. I put on a General G-Max to replace it, and am still running it. This tire has over 23,500 miles on it, but it's close to the wear bars. They have since discontinued this tire, so my next one will likely be a Nitto 555 or Hankook Ventus V12. As for your question on angle drive whine, I run my belt with at least 1/4 to 3/8 inch more deflection than stated in the manual. It quieted the drive considerably, and I've not had any bearing failure in the axle like many have. I also run Redline Synthetic Heavy Shockproof in the angle drive. It's rated 75W250, and it has helped greatly as long as the temps are below 85 degrees out. Above that, it does get louder, but no more than all the other gear lubes I have tried. (Polaris, Mobil 1, Royal Purple) Good luck with your Slingshot!

  • Let me know, not Mr know. Danged smell cheek.

  • I agree with you on most dealers tech's, just not up to my standards. I pull wrenches on all my rides. At 70 and as crippled up as I am I still do my own maintenance. If you would like to pass along one of your overstock on manuals let Mr know what you would need plus shipping, I would be interested. Thanks Glenn

    • The Overstock on manuals is not really that. I (at some point, not at first) realized that I was going back and working on other's bikes and found myself wishing I had the older HD manuals. I have a bike lift in my garage, and still have someone else's bike on it several times a season (different people, different bikes). At one time, I thought I'd do bike repairs and tires for them when I retired, sort of an "Unauthorized Harley Mechanic". But I decided against that for 2 reasons. One, rarely charge for work, and if I did it wasn't what it was worth. Secondly, if I charge I could be liable if something went wrong..... even if not my fault. Just not worth the risk.

      The only extra manuals I have are Harley, and I still refer to them because of working on friend's bikes. I only have the one Slingshot manual. If I ever decide to sell the bikes, I'll sell the lift also and would then sell the manuals. Let you know if that happens, but it's not really likely. :)

  • Sorry to read this Brother....had similar experience with Ridenow Ocala in Fl. Two years later I'm still finding things they messed up.

    • It is what it is, but thanks! Thing is, I have no faith in the workmanship there. I mean, they replaced my swingarm! These are the things I've found, but what about the things I haven't found.... yet? Will they raise their angry heads while I'm in Maggie Valley? There is nothing at this point that would restore my faith in this dealer. They could trade me for a new SLR even up, and I'd just take the trade and go somewhere else. I take too much pride in my work and craftsmanship. I'll make my SS right, and it will cost me some $ to do it. Lesson learned, I'll never be back.

  • Goat, please join our local group in Indy on FB. We are "Indy SS riders".
    We do many group rides together and dinners.

    • Scootertrash, sorry, I just found this. I did join up just now. This site works well, but I just need to remember to come to my "wall" to look for things here also. Usually I just go straight to the forums, and rarely ever come to my profile. Thanks for the invite!

  • It was a typo...32...39... I got the knucklehead part right! Whew, guess I should wait on the beer before I start typing. Thanks for the edit catch!

    Lynn Indiana--where is that in relation to South Bend? Dad family are all in SB.

    • Sorry, I just found this post. This forum is nice, but has a few things that are different than most of the forums I've been on. South Bend is in the northern part of the state, North Vernon is in the southern part of the state, and French Lick isn't all you would think! HaHa! Lynn is central North to South, and only 8 miles or so from the Ohio State line. Interstate 70 pretty much splits the state top to bottom, I live 14 miles north of it, straight north of Richmond, Indiana.

      We have had a good deal of rain here in the past week. Between that, the fog in the morning, and working on my mom's place, I've had the SS out only a couple of times. My mom passed away on May 1st, and we've been working on getting her house ready to sell. Mom and dad built it 61 years ago, and that is a long time in one place. We are about to get it cleaned out and move to the garage area and sheds. While I may not have the sheds and garage done in time, I will have the house cleaned out (hopefully this weekend) by the 27th. That is when the new owners will start moving things in. They close on their house Sept 1st, and we hope to close within a week of that.

      Nice to meet you, and if you are ever in the Indiana area, give me a yell and maybe we can sit and break bread somewhere. Wife and I are always up for a meet and greet and eat.... :)