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  • how do I put in an order for a calendar and how can I pay you for it? how much?

  • Happy B-DAY ROSS MAN!!!!

  • Hi Ross, I posted a picture on the "Slingshots on Location: thread and it was suggested that I forward a copy on to you. For possible use in the 2019 calender.
    Do you want it?
    And if so,.. how do you want it sent?

  • Here's a link to the video

    • Just did - agree with other posters

  • Did you listen to the video?

  • Hear your coming in to Stockport... Awesome! What day you coming in? If ya want shoot me an e-mail and I can send ya some info we have on an Excel file, has rides, links and such.

  • How do I order a 2018 calendar


      Clear some space from your walls.

      Get rid of those damn prom pictures pictures in your powder blue tuxedo with the extra wide shirt collar and ruffles.

      Take down that Christmas photo of the mother-in-law. Put away the baby pictures of your kids - they've grown by now and you need the extra space.

      Why you ask? Because BIGGER is always better and red is always faster ..... where last years calendar was 16 H x 11 W and the 2018 calendar will be a more traditional calendar size at 22 H x 17 W. Maybe you're thinking to your self, big deal .... yup, you're right - it is a BIG deal because now the cover photos for each month will be larger and there will be room for more photos - almost 50% more photos than in 2017

      I know what you're thinking .... something that big is gonna hurt my wallet. Well not in 2018 it won't! Grab those piggy banks from the kids and empty them out. The 2018 calendar will still cost $20 per calendar!

      We expect the calendars to go to the printer no later than 12/1. My printer has promised that the printing will be done and in my hands on 12/11. I figure 5 to 7 days for the USPS to get them in your hands so everyone should have them before Christmas.

      So, get those Christmas lists finalized. Tell the wife there is no need to go shopping on Black Friday (tomorrow) because you've got the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It's time to suck up to your boss with a 2018 Slingshot calendar so you can stare at while they BLAH BLAH BLAH you to death in their office. Remember, nothing says I love you to your kids, neighbor, postman, wife, girlfriend, and mistress like a 2018 Slingshot calendar.

      Don't find yourself not sure what day of the week it is in 2018 .... plan on purchasing a 2018 calendar so even when you don't know what day it is you'll have a fine Slingshot from a forum member to glare at while you wait for those damn kids to get off your lawn.

      If you are interested in a one or two or three or more calendars you can place your order now by simply use PAYPAL. My Paypal is

      Please send the $20 per calendar AS A GIFT. Be sure to include your forum handle/avatar, your name, your address, and the number of calendars you are purchasing. We've only got 150 calendars so get your order in before they are gone!

      Thank you in advance for your purchase and for the privilege of creating the 2018 calendar!!!

  • I hope to see you in Maggie. Ej Joe and me at four seasons

  • Did you get my check

  • Call me 219363 8281

  • Two calendars

  • Sounds awesome .... probably early next week as i am at the office late this week preparing for a weekend board of trustees meeting

  • Front fender filler

  • Ross, can you give me a call Keith 469 417 8189. Filler panel

  • Call Diana so she can send pictures 219-575-8875

    • I'll give her a call on my way home from work around 4pm CST

  • Happy Birthday Brother, and thanks for everything you do for this family.

    • Thank you sir. Hope you are doing well

  • where is speed sensor located? can i change this myself? what are issues with this when riding? my ss is loosing power as if i took my foot off the gas?? then it gets better,,then starts to do it again? thanks

  • I would like to take part in the photo offer

  • You're too good to me sir thank you so much I can't wait till the postman gets here I'll let you know when I've got it

  • Ross the tracking number for the postal fun: 9505 5150 0258 6250 0204 37
    Just sent it off so let me know that you got it. Will be in and out doing vital organ testing for the month but will be available in between if anything comes up young Jedi!
    Thanks a million.

  • Have it all done and boxed. Thanks again ;-)

  • Thank you for the generous donation young Man. I have your box all made up and will have it on its way with tracking Tuesday when the post office is open again.
    Thank you again

  • Hello Ross.
    The materials and shipping come to $40 and the pay pal account is:

    Call for any questions or help 386-804-4403.
    Please send me a reply so I can address the box where you want it to go.
    Thanks for the help and best regards

    • Should be all set- thank you so much

    • Only wish it could be enough to find a quick and painless cure. Thank you so much

    • Ross, got any left and has slingshot garage ordered one? If not put me down for two if you could get one off to them. Sending paypal for 2.