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  • Hi, this is Toons2, wanting to meet other riders in the Port St. Lucie area.

  • OK..... I want your Naturally Aspirated sticky!!! how did you do it?

    • You can steal it from me ....

      Just go in to your user account ... click on "signature" .... then hit the "image" icon on the toolbar and insert (…05/sticker,375x360.u2.png ) without the little redirect box at the end ..

      Hopefully we can get more to join in .... ;)

      Ride safe, OM

    • Sweet.... Thanks. It's done. Just have to deal with stupid 065620 ECU issue all over again. It failed this afternoon. Some thing as last year.

    • Someone on the dark side was fighting with a very similar problem ....turned out that something in the radio harness had rubbed through and was grounding on the frame throwing all kinds of codes and messing with the ECM ....they traced the harness and disconnected it, everything started working. Even the Base model has the harness so I figure it might be worth a shot.

      Good luck, OM

    • If that $2000 turd has caused all this I'm going to be a little frustrated ....