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  • Wingshot,

    We ran into each other in Sept. at Friuta, Co I believe. As we were saddleing up for the morning and you were on you Wing, while we had a group of 2 SS(17 SLR & 15 SL), 2 Harleys, 2 Hondas. Finally got around to checking forums to see what you were talking about. Talking to you was like taking information from a firehose. V8, Turbos, SC, etc. I have an employee who telecommmute from Coral Gable to Nebraska. Maybe I'll get to see some of FL next time I'm down there.


  • Good morning Wingshot, would like a chance to talk about my upcoming purchase. My Cell is 239-443-9648. I was planning on going to PG this afternoon to talk to them.

  • Hey Wingshot, I am Don Grayson Scootertrash, Pine Lakes in N Ft Myers on Hwy 41.
    My cell (317) 373-3556. Can you text me your number? Ready to ride 24/7

  • Love the flames!!

    • Thanks
      Kenny H hooked me up with Chris Cruz Artistry he does great work.