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    well... I need to get 4 wheels and a clutch first ($8,000). I’m currently smoking the clutch or the tire on DDM’s stage 3 turbo with bob’s canned tune (great tune :)). Then I need to add the $3,000 Haltech with dash to display measurements, buy $1,500 sensors/controllers. Practice Haltech tuning, then buy a built motor.

    Dave is busy with the family this week. I’ll ask him later, if the new built motor comes with water pump, so most of the cooling system is replaced, because currently I’m using dex-cool compatible product. I just changed the radiator fluid today, and I feel emotionally biased to changing it a 3rd time in 3 months. I might change my mind tomorrow :(

    waterless coolant, never heard of it? Can you provide a product image, for such a thing. :)

  • You are going to run a built engine, why are you not using the waterless coolant?

  • Dex-Cool I ended up having to flush my whole cooling system because the Penzoil oil change place (I could not do my oil changes at the time) They were adding whatever shit they had to my cooling system and the system was totally gummed up even the over flow tank, which was how I figured out what was going on. It had also happened to my dad's Mercury before that and I did not realize at the time what was going on.

  • Hahn Is the vendor that you will want to stay away from. I am NA and I do have the intake on Sling I. There have been two really nice looking intakes but there were no gains with them either of them. The stock intake flows better than any thing out there and will take up over 20 PSI boost. You would be just throwing away money on the Hahn and the other intake is no longer made.

    • I appreciate the heads up! Sincerely appreciate the info.