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  • Hi Trav

    You being one of the few people on here who I know actually tracks their Slingshot I was thinking that you could help me with a question.

    I am thinking that now that I have upgraded my coil overs to the JRI GT's I should also upgrade my sway bar. there seem to be 2 choices, the DDM which has 2 stiffness settings of 462 or 571 LBS/in or the twist dynamics bar which is a solid bar and has a rating of 650 lbs/in

    knowing what you know about the slingshots suspension which of these do you think would be best for a slingshot that serves as a daily driver where I also want it to be its best on the curvy mountain roads.

    I guess what I want to know is if for a daily driver do you think the twist would actually be to stiff?

    sorry to bother you with this, but if anyone knows I figured it would be you



  • I would be interested in the cool pack cover but would need it shipped to 73010, not looking at going to Chandler anytime soon. Funny thing is we hosted at several RV parks in AZ for five years, just nothing for the near future. Thanks Glenn

  • Thanks for your input on the thread "ECM Reflash". It was very informative and helpful.

  • I live in West Virginia.