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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • Hope you had a supper birthday.

  • 8 a.m. at the airport plane Red and White..N43171...There's generally 2 larger tables, the closer one to the entrance is where we sit, just ask for the Slingshot guy, all the neighbors know. Won't be a lot of folks in there since most are up at Oshkosh airshow next week.

  • What time on Wednesday for breakfast?

  • Hi Flybuddy, I'm Scootertrash (Don Grayson) from Indy. Tow dolled my SS 1300 miles to N Ft Myers. Give me a call if you wanna hook up. I'm at Pine Lakes on Hwy 41.
    There is another SS here also new to the area. My cell (317) 373-3556

    • Thx..occasionally get together with Wingshot (Cape Coral) for rides..Dolly really sounds interesting but I just bought a SlingThing trailer. On a cruise right now but I'm sure we can get together for something in the near future..Tom 239 470-3091

  • I'm just up in Punta Gorda and have SlingThing trailers give me a call Capt Van 352-817-9353 about trailers

    • Hi Capt Van...interested in the basic open aluminum trailer (14', single axel). Do you have one in Punta Gorda that I could run up and take a look at? I've seen price mentioned in a few threads as well as the save $200 on your website. What's the current price?.thx Tom/Fort Myers

  • Just follow the instructions with it. One good shortcut is to not disconnect all the wiring. Just cut the ties holding the wires so they'll have adequate length when you take the bolts off of the lower sub frame. Just let it drop to the ground.

  • I ordered the polaris heat kit. Can you provide any tips on the install? I will be attempting myself and I have the stock muffler. Thx