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  • I also live in VB, where are you located in Virginia Beach ? Do you ride much around here ?

  • Looks like Florence is headed your way John. Thoughts and prayers... you and Velma be safe!

  • Please let me know what lights to get from Amazon. Thanks.

  • Glad to have finally met you and Velma in Clarksville. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and the new friends that I met. See you in Maggie

  • Glad you kept you cool - being in their 90's would explain a lot - some people never evolve - he'll look at me - if it weren't for the Sling I'd still be on Harley!! LOL. Miss you guys and give Velma a kiss for us!!

  • Hey buddy how ya doing?? Harvey told us y'all had trouble from some racist assholes yesterday! Don't make me grab my ink pen and come up there kickin ass!! We love you guys to death and you are welcome in our home any time.

    • The comment kinda' caught me off guard, to say the least. This woman looked like she was in her 90's! Her husband stopped the car beside us and she started by saying "I saw you people driving up and I just wanted to thank you." I thought she was talking about Velma and me riding up in the Sling. Man, was I ever wrong. She started ranting on about how the slaves took so much care to preserve the plantation way of life and how that made America the greatest country in the world. I was dumb-founded! I did a good job of keeping my cool and staying respectful of my elders...until she used the "N" word and called me "you people"!!! Oh course, I must have confused the $#!% out of her when I informed her my ancestors were from Ireland!!! Man, if you could have seen the look on her face!!!!! You would have been proud of me!!!!!

  • Give me a call when you're free

  • Hi here is my e mail address:

  • If it's not too late Slingking just announced, on the dark side about an hour ago, a $10 off deal on the DDM hose clamps from slingmods.
    Hey ten bucks is ten bucks right.
    Good luck with all of your mods and remember "Pics or it didn't happen"