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  • not at this time, but its pretty easy, put Emerg. brake on, start engine and get it a little warm, 3-4 mins to let oil drain better. Then get a jack and jack the front end up on pass side high enough to get a JACK STAND under the frame,take off the OIL FiLL cap, and remove dipstick and clean off until your done with oil then replace for when you check the correct amount of oil when it time to put in new oil. Then remove the oil filter with correct filter wrench, take a clear baggie and put the old filter into it and seal it up. Then put some plastic down under the oil drain plug, then put a oil catch can suitable to contain 5 qts of oil that will come out. get your 5 qts of preferred oil and correct filter nearby, get your ratchet ready and possibly some paper towels for a bit of a mess when the oil drain plug comes off. (i wear rubber gloves light weight). let oil drain into the oil pan, takes about 10 mins, so have a coffee and get some things together like a funnel to replace new oil. Now you can clean oil filter top area with paper towels and install the new filter and housing. now go back under the SS and clean and replace the drain plug. take the oil pan out with old oil and put on side for now....gently,,it may try to splatter as you move it. take the new oil with funnel and install it into the oil cap fill area. I usually install 4 qts first, then last qt, as i check dip stick, (not all the old oil drains out) so you may be only able to put in 4 1/2 qts of new oil..no big deal. drop SS back onto floor with removal of jacks so its level....put all caps and covers back and dip stick for now....start engine and let idle for 45 secs....then recheck dip stick and add more oil if needed...then take funnel and carefully drain old oil into the new empty oil bottles or 5 qt container,,and take it to autozone or any auto/gas station. (they have to take it)for recycling...now your good for 5000 miles till next change, have fun..:)

  • Do you have any pics to show on the procedure of changing the oil?