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  • I also have ¼ inch play at the wheel, I see what appears to be a set screw in a metal ring and the metal ring has a spot weld to the shaft around the outer shaft near the pedals but the set screw seems to go to a blank hole is the hole supposed to go all the way through and is it supposed to contact the inner shaft? Thanks for the info

    • Hey sorry, just saw your post on my wall. I noticed the same on mine in regards to that collar. Tightening the set screw does nothing. The Polaris engineers are aware and apparently working on a fix. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

    • Thanks have no Idea what the original collar is used for. My guess would be production/assembly and or machining strayed away from engineering specs and it became excepted installed as a blank hole, but just a guess. That collar started with a function. If you get any info would appreciate feedback, In my case after I modified it, it now works perfect with as the manual calls for "0 free play" Now when they fix the angle drive seal leak next week I can start bragging about my Slingshot again. LOL