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  • Just saw this.World record attempt teeshirts were mailed out 2 weeks ago to all who ordered them.

  • When are we getting the t-shirts for the world record attempt

  • Ivor
    Will there be on site parking for trailers in Las Vegas?

  • Still looking for confirmation of my SSITS 2018 Registration

  • Need confirmation for my SSITS 2018 Registration

  • with everything going on i think i registered but not quite sure, James Rushing x2......we spoke about the hood vent we are donating to be raffled off.

  • Take me off list cannot make it

  • I can't remember if I'm registered of not for the Rockies event. I know I booked a room. But can't remember registering.

  • Hello

  • I will be glad. To donate. Please call me 2193638281

  • Ivor,
    I just sent a vendor request on your official site regarding SlingShots in the Smokies. We had spoken on the phone back in late December-Jan regarding a booth and advertising at the event.
    We are 100% ready and will have inventory to sell. Please see request for contact info so that MeanSling can be part of SSITS 2017.

  • Will you be posting a SSITS vendor list on this website? 2. Will you be posting the SSITS ride attendees for each Ride in Maggie Valley?

  • Do you know if BOB from OBD Diagnostics will be at SSIITS to do any tuning?

  • Igor, can you tell me how to register for the waterfall ride on Friday.?

  • Happy Birthday!!!! We are also celebrating our wedding anniversary today ...Hope to see you at SSITS

  • Question - do you need to register to see the vendor booths? We might drive up in a car just for the day - not planning on going on any rides or social events, etc. Just thinking about visiting the vendors and Polaris tent.

  • ivor and StickerDick.

    I have a suggestion to be tried at SSITS.

    Since our numbers are growing for SSITS, I am sure the normal confusion will occur while preparing to get the Group Rides under way. Here is an idea use a color coded “bandana” or cloth strip, for each ride. These could be tied or attached to the outside of the driver’s roll bar. With one attached to the ride leader or even on each Sling on the ride, it will be easier for people to group together for the rides. Many of the people going on the ride are strangers to each other. To tell then to gather behind rabtech or any other Group leader only works if they know that individual. However, to tell them to gather with the Green or Red Group would make it much easier and quicker.

    If each rider had the “color strip” it would make it easier for the Group Leader to find their group, and to identify any “stragglers”. Also if the groups were to come across another Group on the road, it would remove any confusion as to who goes where.

    • Thank you for your suggestion.I have had signs made for each group ride.It will have the rideleaders name and ride number.I have also had made small decals for each ride which the rider can put on their Slingshot keep on during the ride and even keep on pmanently.We have a one acre parking lot where the rides will go out so all 8 signs with the rideleaders can be lined up.
      The police will also be there to stop traffic
      I just saw this message today.

  • George Fletcher here. Have to cancel for this year. Please remove me from all rides. Please give my t-shirt to Mark Richardson (Stickerdick) who can pass it to me after the event.

    • I have just seen this message.
      Have cancelled you and Mark Richardson will bring your teeshirt