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  • Cookout confirmed 8/31. 1pm also clothing 30% off

  • Nice avatar change Thomas devide

    • I was playing around, didn't think I changed it. LOL

  • Happy Birthday Larry!

  • Happy --- Enjoy your day.

  • Larry I was over here snooping to see what I could find out .
    Saw where you posted Sunday 557 to me but it's not on my wall.
    I'm willing to pre run routes if needed. Just let me know.
    Got to run I'll check back later today.

    • I'll send ya a file with the routes later this week

    • just sent it

    • Got the file
      Some of these routes I know fairly well and I know there is currently construction at old mans cave. Portable facilities only.

    • So Old Man's Cave is a bit of a cluster to get in and out of?

    • Ok to get in and out but restrooms snack bar and displays are gone . Toren down to replace.