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  • Glad she is doing better - won't be too much longer before we are in your neck of the woods - can't wait

    • Yeah I spoke with Greg (Wingshot) about that the other day. Let me know when you have a schedule worked out and don't forget I'm out of vacation time so hopefully you are in our area on a weekend.

  • Hey Bro - so sorry to hear about your pup! I lost one of my buddies year before last and I still miss him. Will say a prayer - take care

    • Thanks Bro I think she's out of the woods for now we just gotta make sure we help her out in the dark from now on. I was doing my nightly push ups and she got tired of waiting on me. The doctor told me the excercise would be good for me but they failed to tell me they might get my Lacey hurt.

  • Hey bro - haven't heard anything bout your turbo install - wuz up?

    • Got side tracked with grass cutting, taxes, and "Ring" shopping. Had to put it on hold for a little while but I'm suppose to pick up the donor motor this weekend. We decided not to install it on the factory motor gonna build one instead so it aint gonna be done for SSITS but that's alright

    • Smart - ya won't blow up the one under warranty - if I blow mine I will be one sick puppy. How is the blushing bride to be??

    • She is ecstatic she can't wait to show it off. She just picked it up tonight after being sized

    • LMAO!! Going to wedding night practice tonite big boy???

    • LMAO yeah probably so ... LOL