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  • Yup Cool Pool. Started my career working on Clunks, Voodoos, T-bags and Falcons in North Bay. Posted to Cold Lake in 87 to AETE working on Challengers, F-5's, T-bags, 18's and Tutors. Next stop was 416 SQN then onto 1 AMS i/c of the hush house. Retired back in 06 after 26 years. Don't miss the sound because I hear them pretty well every day. It's been a good season for sledding due heavy snows (including today). Must be nice living down in Florida been there a few times mostly on TD.
    Take care and keep the sunscreen lathered on.

  • Hey from a fellow Deltonian, (WTF ?) maybe we could meet up sometime, my SS is in Kentucky (bought it in Dec. bad timing ) going back to get it in the spring and get it ready to go to MV.

    • Are you still out there?

    • I'm in Deltona with the Sling, doing a few mods and riding when I can. Met the 'Space Coast Slingshot' group at Volusia Motorsports the other day, great bunch of guy's and gals. Maybe when this cool spell passes we can meet up.

  • To my knowledge no one has written anything up on doing those gauges, might be a good thing. You need to look up SLINGSHOOTER in Lake Weir maybe for a riding partner, I believe he is 79 this month. He is my bud, we just cannot get together enough.

    • I will thanks. How do I add a couple of pictures to let you know what the installation looks like?

    • You are asking the wrong guy on that one, I have to relearn that each time. That is why I post very few pictures

    • They waste youth on the young. What was the question again...? About the site. WTH are found Easter eggs?

    • You will see a picture of a Slingshot somewhere on the page and you just click on it. I pretty much keep up on here all day and I only have the 10 Easter eggs. I had to look to see how many.

    • Hmmm. Picture of a Slingshot on a Slingshot forum. What are the chances?