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  • I am happy as long as I am looking at the green side of the grass. Took the SS to get recall work done, 32 degrees on the way down and 40 on the way back but still enjoyed the ride. Really excited to have this toy.

  • You can also close up a lot of the gap, but the upper and the lower on mine would not line up. So I just made sure everything lined up on mine.

  • I got you by 3 years, 71 on 4-23

  • FunCycle, thanks so much so the advice

  • There are two adjustments for the front. You have the hood adjustment which has 2 bolts on each side on the hinge. Just loosen all four and push the hood rearward and tighten back up. The other is the 4 bolts on each side that holds the front lower section on. Loosen all eight bolts up and move around to the position that looks best and tighten. This might take 4 hands or use something to hold it in position while you tighten. I used a floor jack very carefully to position and to hold. (DO NOT TRY TO LIFT SS FROM THIS POSITION) Maybe this will help