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  • I still cannot find the first picture that I thought was so good. I have even looked thru your activities

  • Sam - you posted a video of a jump port you installed using the connection on the alternator. I want to put one on my 2015 SL but I can't find it. Do you know where you bought yours? Thanks, Tom Arnold

    • Hi Tom, my Slingshot is 2017 and has the Alternator Appearance in a location you can get to easy. I am not sure about the 2015 model and if the Alternator has the terminal out front. A lot of folks mount a kit of terminal post near the battery box and one mount behind the seat. Just giving you options that you may not be aware of. The Jumport under the hood works great if you get access to the Starter or the Alternator, which are both hot connections. I got mine from Slingshotonly.

    • Thanks Sam!

  • Game

    • Can't right now, maybe later, have to go to home depot.

  • Hi Sam.
    The French would like to use one of you amazing pictures and adk permition, from you to do so.

    Please let me know & I will inform them accordingly.

    Many thanks,

    • Yes Paul you are welcome to use any of my projects I have posted for any group or friends you want. Thanks for asking.

    • The French say:
      "Je tu remercie"
      - I thank you -

  • I provide Video for Subject about our Slingshot. My youtube channel, samowens44 has lots of how-to video for all aspects of the Polaris Slingshot. For the new folks that want to learn to drive the Slingshot, I have how to drive video series.